Funny Cat Facts You Might Want To Know

Below you can find some funny cat facts. Some of them may amaze you, while some you may find useless. But for a cat-lover, all of the following are considered as precious information.

They can see in the dark 6 times better than humans. That’s because their eyes can actually reflect light and illuminate objects. In effect, their eyes work as torches.

A group of adult ones are referred to as a “clowder”. On the other hand, a group of kittens is referred to as a “kindle”. In a group, felines of the opposite sex usually get along better.

Dogs wag their tails when they’re glad. On the other hand, your feline pals do so when they’re confused. It means they can’t point out which of their choices they must go for.

Your feline friends like to stay on high places. Fortunately for them, their inner ear works great in maintaining their balance. It’s for this reason why they’re likely to land on their feet when they fall.

Considering the body proportions, they got the biggest eyes of all mammals. Also, their eyes’ shapes can be classified into 3 different types. They include round, almond and slanted.

Many of them prefer using their left front paw instead of their right. But some are also ambidextrous. Their front paws’ nails are sharper than those found at the back.

They spend as many as 16 long hours sleeping daily. If you look at it in a different way, a furry pal that has been living for 7 years has only been awake for a total of 2 years. Such only proves they definitely sleep a lot.

Stroking a feline is actually good for one’s health. This fact is based on scientific studies. It’s found out that the act helps decrease hypertension and minimize the risk of getting some diseases.

It’s also revealed that many blue-eyed white felines are deaf. But if only a single eye is blue, the ear on that side is likely to be deaf. Those with orange eyes, however, seldom got such problem.

Their whiskers are used for measuring distances. They can move the top 2 rows of their whiskers independently of the other lower ones. An adult one has about 12 whiskers.

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