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by thulas

A great style of wood for the outdoors, cedar is a hardwood native to North America which is used to make great cedar garden furniture. Clear grade western red cedars are commonly used to produce outdoor furniture. Most people worry about how well their garden furniture can stand up to the sun and rain. As people are choosing their outdoors furniture, they also need to consider whether it needs to withstand snow, sleet, and hail – as many people who live in the northern part of the United States have to do.

For many, western red cedar, and its natural preservatives against rot and decay make it a perfect solution. One of the first pieces created from this wood was called the Adirondack Chair and people all across America wanted one of these. The government, upon seeing the durability of this type of inexpensive wood, decided to use cedar benches in parks. During the Great Depression, many of these benches were worked on by people in the WPA. This era, which caused much unemployment throughout the nation, saw the formation of the WPA, as President Roosevelt designed it to give jobs to the unemployed. Many young men went into the forests at the time and cut down the cedar trees so that they used for things like park benches.

Because cedar prevents mold and mildew from taking over items, it is a wood that became popular during the time in the making of chests. This feature was especially preferred by sailors who used the chests at sea. The Depression era saw the rise of cedar and pine built coffins, used by many funeral directors. Many doctors in England believed that cedar coffins would help stop the spread of disease. Cedar is a versatile wood that over the centuries has found many uses.

For today’s purpose, many people use cedar for cedar garden furniture to help beautify their outside landscape. Many patios and gardens are inlaid with cedar to match the natural beauty of their patio furniture made of the same wood. Popular accessories that are made from cedar include serving trays and carts, with these items available in stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Sears and J.C.Pennies, along with various other department outlets, sell cedar garden furniture at reasonable prices. If shopping on the internet is more your style, you can purchase from The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company. A great feature of The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company is that they will make pieces of furniture that match your specific requests.

If you are looking for beautiful accessories to match your patio, The Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company is an excellent place to begin. This company is very dedicated to making great cedar garden furniture that they take immense pride of. All pieces have a finely sanded finish and handcrafted for a snug fit.

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