Global Resorts Network Dying MOR Vacations has a silver bulllet.

by Craig Pond

Huge results are being seen with the newest travel club to hit the market place, fataly wounding the major player in the field, Global Resorts Network. Being still in pre launch major players are predicting MOR Vacations to make a tidal wave flooding impact on the world wide web. The 23 year old parent company boasts over 100,000 active members and growing rapidly.

For the past two years Global Resorts Network, has dominated the Travel Club industry. There are the others of coarse, YTB and Coastal Vacations, both companies had major limitations when compared to GRN.

One fact remains true in the world of the internet 6 months to one year is like a lifetime in this industry. The fact that Global Resorts Network has continued now for two years is a worry in itself and proving true by many representatives of GRN complaining they are not making the sales they used to at the beginning and that GRN is slowing down fast.

In-house financing was the announcement MOR Vacations made, requiring only a small down payment and easy financing terms available to anyone with at least a 450 credit score. MOR Vacations also announced they will give a $3100 trade in on any current travel membership. Many Global Resorts Network representatives seeing this as the new opportunity, they made the move, resulting in a huge movement from GRN to the exploding MOR Vacations. The market is shocked and stunned by such a huge switchover, with MOR Vacations showing just how much they are impacting this market in just 3 weeks.

Being committed to providing value to the consumer MOR Vacations introduced outstanding value packaged Hot Weeks starting at $149 and $199. This is half the current rate of GRN’s $298 lowest price.

GRN and MOR Vacations are similar. The differences that do exist favor MOR Vacations. Both offer lifetime memberships that are fully transferable and comparable in price at roughly $3000. Both offer an extensive list of resorts approximately 5,000 for GRN and 5,400 for MOR Vacations. They both offer Guest Weeks, though Global Resorts members are limited to only three Guest Weeks in comparison to unlimited Guest Weeks for MOR Vacations members.

Differences in these two companies seems to lie mainly in the in-house financing offered by MOR Vacations and that MOR is offering a $3100 trade in on any travel club membership. The Hot Weeks vary as well tipping in favour of MOR Vacations with a rate half of what GRN is offering. MOR Vacations also attracts high end travelers with the membership providing high end resorts not availiable at all with GRN. All the differences fall on the side of MOR vacations.

Which one is the right choice you ask? both offer a great product and both are great companies with great compensation plans, but when the two are put together side by side and with all the added benifits MOR Vacations provides. Global Resorts Network does not stand. Do your research and you will come to the same conclusion.

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