GRN has great offers but did you know there’s MORE!

by Lucas Trottier

If you’ve heard of Global Resorts Network then it’s likely you’ve heard some pretty amazing stuff being claimed by them and their affiliates, well it’s true but there’s more. GRN basically was alone in marketing the multi billion dollar luxury travel industry through independent affiliates, they were until now.

Now there’s a new company with the same idea but more accessibility, more destinations, more options. But by far the most important more help making you and your business achieve your dreams.

Wow lets step back a bit a look through the hype and see if things are really as they claim they are. Well it’s obvious that the luxury travel industry is an enormous player on the world stage. The amount of money that circulates through the industry is measured in the billions so that’s a stone hard fact. Now normally big business is inaccessible to the average person because it usually takes big money to make big money. This issue is a truly important concept to keep in mind because last year GRN created a way for the average person to gain access to those income streams but they were alone in doing so.

Now I believe that the idea of competition and a free market are good ideas because they help insure that it’s the consumer who wins out being as it means that whatever product or service purchased it’s of high quality and well worth their hard earned money. Unfortunately this also has meant that though the consumer should be getting the highest quality product (as the market should demand it though it’s not always the case) it leaves them with only the power to buy not to sell. That’s only half the equation so really only half the power but the perpetual leverage income system is an amazing antidote to this. If you’ve never heard of perpetual leverage then learn about it.

What I’m getting at here is that there is a problem in the world today that I’d like to see bridged by more people more often but to do this you need to be able to do two things. First you need to get involved with an business that has large amounts of money flowing through it. Second you need to get in a position where when a sale is made, and keep in mind money never changes hands without a sale of some kind, you benefit from that sale. OK now that we have that established lets get back to GRN and the affiliate marketing position.

Another stone hard fact is that global resorts was very successful with their affiliates and conversely so where their affiliates. It created in little under a year an entirely new cash stream not just for the company but most important for the individual people working with them.

However for those in the know something else became clear, not only was this a new income source for one company but it showed a lot of room for a whole new market. So now we come to the MOR-vacations option. What GRN has done is proven that an enormous untapped market exists in the travel industry. MOR vacations has made it their purpose to tap that market and share 75% of the money they make with their affiliates. That’s right 75% of the sale goes to the affiliate. This is an great thing and I by nature and conscious effort am not someone who gets excited without making sure something is what it says it is.

MOR vacations have learned everything that could be learned from GRN and then went ahead and made it even better. What you might want to try is to print out the offer that GRN presents and the offer MOR presents and compared side by side. The conclusion should be obvious MOR truly had more to offer and more ways to get involved, that’s simply a fact. So without any real sales or even retail experience I got involved and it’s been just getting better and better everyday.

If you’d like more good things like fun and wealth and time then follow the link and let me and my team help you get more of what you want.

Sincerely Lucas Trottier

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