Finding The Right Jenn Air 30 Range

The Jenn Air 30 range has all the great features that consumers are looking for in their next stove. It has been rated by uses as excellent value for money, having great performance and being easy to use. All these factors go into making it one of the most popular ranges on the market.

The very popular thirty inch range is loaded with great components. It comes in a choice of popular stainless steel, black or white to fit in with any kitchen color scheme. In the electric version the flat glass top is very easy to clean and in the gas version the burners heat up fast. Everyone seems to have a preference about which stove they like to cook with. With this model coming in both power types it will be able to please everyone.

In the electric version there is a flat glass top that makes cleaning very easy. A simple wipe down after use keeps the stove looking great. The controls are also designed to be very easy to use. The burners heat up very quickly to aid in faster cooking times. They also cool down fast when no longer in use.

The range is also available in gas powered. There are four burners, with a simmer feature and a high output burner. This makes every type of cooking job that much easier. With electronic ignition and cast iron grates, this stove not only performs well but looks great.

Convection ovens are a must have feature for some cooks. There are installed as standard on some ranges, but not all. This offers the shopper the option of sticking with a traditional oven if that is what they prefer. Some of the stoves are equipped with the duel fan convection system which provides really even cooking. Many cooks love this feature and do not want to work without it.

There is a choice of conventional or convection ovens. Many people are happy with the conventional oven, which does do a fine job. Others however really love the convection oven as they feel it allows for more even cooking of the foods. Some models come equipped with a duel fan convection system that offers even greater control and produces the best results.

A Jenn Air 30 range will give years of service. It is a wonderfully reliable and well designed product. Cooks will be thrilled with all of the time saving features that make it a pleasure to work with. They can look forward to many years of worry free service from their new stove.

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