How To Identify Antique Oriental Rugs

Antique oriental rugs are known for their lasting fashion, quality, and style. Recognized worldwide, these carpets are symbolic of culture and status. The variations of these beautiful carpets are relevant to their method of production. There certain criteria that are used to determine if a carpet can be considered authentic.

Genuine oriental carpets are not created by a machine but they are woven by hand. Carpets that are created by a machine and not hand knotted rugs, are not authentic. There have been a number of reproductions of the genuine item that are typically considered very insulting to those who work in the field of interior design.

An authentic rug is hand knotted and as a result is very expensive. All genuine Oriental carpets are handmade and of the highest quality. The mats are also classified by origin. For instance there are Persian, Chinese, and Indian carpets.

Typically, the carpets have a pattern and design that represents nature. The patterns are very complex and every individual rug is unique. While the completed product varies by origin, they are all handmade, similar in their designs, and of very high quality.

These types of floor coverings have always been and will continue to be considered very high class. Through the decades they have continued to be a symbol of high class living. They will always be fashionable due to the way in which they are produced. Those with social and financial status tend to make these exquisite floor coverings the focal point of every room they grace.

The way to tell if a carpet is genuine is by looking at its artistry level. Additionally, if a floor covering has a good balance of color and design, it is likely authentic. Colors need to be pleasing to the eye and compliment each other. The age of the carpet should also be considered. If the carpet was made prior to a specific date, it is more desirable. He rug will have nicer colors, be more original, and the designs will be more expressive.

The age and condition of the antique oriental rugs will have an impact on the value. Wool oriental rugs, woven in very early times that are in good condition are considered very valuable. A carpet that has faded from sun exposure, has stains, has had its size altered, or has been washed with chemicals, has a lower value. The desirability and value of a carpet is affected by its rarity, quality, and uniqueness.

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