My Dog’s Rotten Luck In Terms Of Beds & Mattress Delivery

Nicky, my adorable yet troublesome Shih Tzu, seems to be quite the curious little dog. I could be sitting in front of my laptop, working on a paper, and all of a sudden into the room races the little guy for no reason apart from the hardship of sleeping. It’s not even a problem that’s limited to his small doggie bed, either. Rather, I’ve seen him make a mess out of my parents’ new bed, thereby rendering mattress delivery pretty useless when you get down to it.

I have to say that mattress authorities like Sleepy’s certainly have a great deal of work to do. They have been able to go through mattress delivery and they have been able to send other items like comforters for free as well. My parents were happy to see that they could actually get up in the morning and not feel as though their backs would be tweaked beyond repair. The problems started to arise when Nicky began to have trouble sleeping at the same schedules we all did.

I think Nicky began to become irritable around the time when he started to rip around his doggie beds. It almost seemed like he was treating them as toys but then we found out the hard way as we’ve replaced such small beds time and time again. Eventually, Nicky seemed to ignore the beds and started to rest in my parents’ room. What my parents did not expect that this Shih Tzu possessed more energy than neither of them could muster on their best of days.

If you have siblings, have you ever taken a vacation and you have no choice but to sleep next to your little brother who simply can’t stop kicking his legs around? If you multiply that by a few times, I think you get a general idea of what Nicky caused. My poor parents could never get the kind of sleep they wanted and nights proved to be quite challenging for them. Nicky had grown up since that point, though, so it’s nice to see that he’s managed to calm down.

It goes to show just how many problems there are when it comes to having pets and sleeping schedules to uphold. However, I wouldn’t want to trade in my little Shih Tzu for anything in the world. Nicky’s been nothing short of entertaining and he’s lovable to boot, which is why I refuse to say anything bad about him. He was a bit rambunctious as a pup but when you consider young dogs in general, I think a more energetic demeanor is something to expect.

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