5 Best Most Popular Hydroponic Grow Systems

Getting a little tongue-tied when youre at your local hydro store talking about hydroponic gardens? Dont be concerned you are not in the dark anymore concerning how to grow hydroponic gardens. Here are the abcs of hydroponic growing:

Aeroponics- Within this hydroponic system a fine mist associated with air and nutrient solution is sprayed directly at the root associated with plants at various intervals. Advantages of this method are that the high level of oxygen as well as carbon dioxide are delivered directly to the plant root zone, stems, and leaves. Studies have proven this method superior in reducing growth times and increasing yields. Also, this hydroponic growing method uses less water and nutrients which makes it more efficient than other methods. Its usually better for more skilled growers.

Bubbleponics- This method uses air-stones that are placed in the trays as well as reservoir of the hydroponic growing program. The air-stones oxygenate the nutrient answer, which accelerates the root growth in the first two weeks, which can pace plant growth and reduce developing time. When the plant underlying growth has grown to the waterline-then deep-water culture and ebb n flow techniques will typically kick in, too.

Continuous flow solution culture- Because the name implies, this hydroponic system will continuously supply the grow roots with fresh water as well as nutrients. Systems are made together with your typical pvc plastic pipe available at any hardware store or hydroponic shop, which can be round, or square such as 4×4 plastic fence posting. Holes are then made along one side of the pipe tray- large enough to hold a 3″ to 4″ size net pot. The system is designed so that water will be pumped it in to the tray and flow to the plant roots. Then the water drains back into the reservoir and the process begins again.

Deep Water Culture-Hydroponic growing method whereby plant roots are submerged in oxygenated nutrient solution. The answer is also kept oxygenated by an air pump system, that greatly speeds the plant development. Disadvantages are that certain plant types may become water logged. Controlling water temperature, strength associated with nutrient solution, and PH balance becomes more critical with this technique.

Ebb n flow- This is a simple and efficient hydroponic method whereby plants are developed in a growing medium such as rock wool or hydro-ton clay balls. Water solution is then pumped into the plant sites-either containers or individual pots- until the plant medium and root area becomes completely submerged. After that, it is drained and the process repeats at various intervals. This is a very basic, yet effective method, which can be started with one or two plants and scaled from there.

Many hydroponic systems these days take advantage of more than of these grow systems. The system you choose defends on many factors such as your budget, growing space, as well as yield requirements. Whether a person build a system from scratch or purchase a kit or pre-assembled system will also help determine which product is right for you.

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