5 Best Designs For Your Gardens

If you want to do DIY or do-it-yourself garden landscaping, you should not shy away from considering as many design ideas as possible. You should not shy away from consulting a landscaper for professional insight. A professional will give you advice on such things as the right plants for your soil and/or the current weather, cost estimates, and the tools to buy.

Circular Driveway A circular driveway could be created, but with a little imagination. The walkway and the beds can be in form of bricks, flagstone, cobblestone, or the material making up the home. Using the same material makes the garden an extension of the home and not a separate entity as is usually the case. The plants should be such that they create balance. The plants, textures, and colors should be such that they match the home. You could use different levels to create interest and character and to create an illusion of space.

Multi-level Xeriscape You could landscape your garden using a xeric landscape design of two levels or more. A multi-level xeriscape design will give a dull flat garden character and make it more interesting and it will give the illusion that the garden is bigger that it actually is. You could create paths that are cosmetic ? paths that do not lead anywhere. Xeriscape (low water use) nature does not have to be about cactus and rocks. You can support many low-water plants by drip irrigation.

A Swimming Pool Design You could design your farm around a swimming pool. This is an old creation, but it is still very popular. You could create a network of walkways connecting all the usable areas in the back garden. Bricks or any other material making up the home can adore these walkways.

Industrial-park Landscape If you have a large garden and you are not into actual gardening, you could give it an industrial-part feel. This involves the creation of large open spaces covered with neatly trimmed grass. You could plant trees in such a way that they give balance to the garden.

Rustic Design You could create a rustic design by incorporating wooden ornaments, sculptures, and shaped shrubs. The garden could have majestic trees such as Red Oaks and below these; you could have such things as Virginia Red Creeper or Red Honeysuckle.

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