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An educated and motivated person doesn’t need to pay a professional landscaper for basic lawn care. On the other hand a professional servicing takes a lot more than a weekly cut and water. Kansas City landscapers utilize a range of proactive services that this post will briefly go over.

It is important to understand the demands of your grass as a living thing. Neglect will result in an unfit lawn that will be vulnerable to pests and disease, not to mention ugly. Being aware of the needs of your grass will not fix anything, however. You must also recognize how to answer them.

Kansas City Landscapers know the top 2″ of earth are essential to prepare if the grass isn’t already established. Try to create a texture with the right balance of organic material, sand and clay. The purpose of this texture is proper hydration and gas-diffusion. Grass roots need both water and oxygen.

Your soil’s pH level will also be an issue. Any Kansas City landscaping shop will have a test-kit. Then you can use certain organic materials to raise or lower the pH, such as manure or sulfur (to lower) and firewood ash or peat moss (to raise). A level of around 6.7 (slightly acidic) is good. With all of the various methods and materials out there, refer to a Kansas City landscaping supplier.

For grass roots to anchor properly there must not be excessive water-erosion or stagnant pools of water. Proactive management will save you a headache later on and prevent damage to your house and property. Loose soil will be washed away by fast water-flow and stagnant pools suffocate the roots and leaves. Solve the issue by changing the level of the low areas and steep areas with soil. Sod, erosion blankets, and new landscaping itself are more drastic solutions for drastic erosion issues.

When cultivating a new lawn or covering a bare area you will have to choose between sod or grass seed. Sod requires less time and labor but it is much more expensive, while Seed is cheaper and allows you to mix varieties of grass.

Mixing multiple varieties of seed can help you know first-hand which will thrive the best in your yard. This can be particularly helpful if more than one condition is present- like when one area of the yard is heavily shaded and another receives full sun. Using several seed varieties together is a very common practice used by Kansas City landscapers for combating the varied threats to Kansas City lawns. Your unique needs may require the advice of a professional Kansas City landscaper.

Proper care in how you water is crucial. Being ignorant of how to water commonly results in a stressed and unhealthy lawn. Kansas City landscapers know it is an art that should be given attention. Watering too often can trigger the growth of thatch, a dead layer of vegetation just above the soil, while watering too little will obviously dehydrate the roots. If the soil is correctly conditioned-draining properly but retaining moisture- 2 inches of water once a week is usually sufficient.

If thatch is left for long periods or becomes excessive it will be a menace to your yard. This layer of dead grass lying on top of the ground will choke the grass, not to mention become a breeding ground for disease. But thatch that is kept in check, or that decomposes fairly quickly, is actually useful.

De-thatching is therefore a required part of regular lawn-care. A power-rake is the most common tool for this task, but, if one is not available, a stiff hand-rake will do. Raking should bring the dead grass to the surface and uncover the soil’s surface. If properly dried, thatch can provide great composting material.

Year after year water fall (rain and snow) will compact the soil around your grass roots. This means the grass roots won’t be able to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide properly; a significant barrier in developing a healthy lawn.

To deal with the compacted soil Kansas City landscapers aerate the ground. Hire or borrow an aerator and run it over the yard twice (at right angles) to break up the soil’s surface. This will eliminate the problem of compacted soil and permit the roots to thrive and expand effectively.

It is far more effective to stop weeds before they’re able to emerge. To do this Kansas City landscapers use a pre-emergent. Pre-emergents are just what the name implies- a chemical that stops the weeds before they emerge. The weeds are not even allowed to awaken and compete against the grass. This will save a lot of time and labor trying to take out established weeds.

You have to feed the grass and not just water it and cut it. Erosion, wind, the sun, and bagging grass while mowing all remove nitrogen and other nutrients from the soil over time. Food must be put back in the soil or stress and disease can permanently harm the yard. Expert Kansas City landscapers recommend two or three feedings every year to replace the leeched nutrients. Manure and other organic materials are good options for replenishing the soil.

Make sure the lawn has not grown too long or gone to seed when your are spreading the fertilizer or else the nutrition will never reach some areas of the yard and be too strong in others. At the same time, if you just cut the yard, the nitrogen can hurt the plant by burning it. Always wait a few days after mowing.. It is important to highlight that lots of people believe cutting their grass shorter will save them work later, but this is not true. Professional Kansas City landscapers always encourage cutting it at a medium height so that the grass does not have to constantly recover.

Once per year Kansas City landscapers utilize a fungicide for preventing fungus spores from sprouting. Grass that is continually moist for long periods will attract spores that, if allowed to establish and grow, can destroy an entire yard. Kansas City landscaping is specifically susceptible to fungus in warmer months while it rains and the water does not dry completely.

The best defense is a good offense when it comes to lawn care. Preventing issues before they happen means regular, informed care and smart strategies. Kansas City landscapers know that the good times are when hard work is most effective, not the bad times. Don’t lose your yard through neglect or laziness.

As you strategize, keep each of the steps above in mind. Stick to a good plan and give yourself plenty of time to reach your goals. Nobody said it would be easy but it will surely be worthwhile. And few projects around your home will add as much value, both to you and the next owner. So have fun and good luck!

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