Landscaping and Lawn Care Concepts and Hints within Kansas City

Some people think Winter is not a time for landscaping. However, Kansas City landscaping contractors recognize Winter months may be a pivotal time in the annual life-cycle of grass. It is not too late to make up for a neglected end-of-the-year maintenance.

Late Winter/Early Spring can be a great time to boost root-growth and help your grass get a strong beginning. Giving your lawn a jump-start maturation as soon as possible after the frost will make a major difference. Summertime can harm your grass without effective care and maintenance. With a healthy lawn weeds and disease will not be able to compete.

In the Kansas City area Overseeding is a basic part of yard care. This simple DIY project will transform a lawn from a patchy plot of grass to a lush lawn.

A Lawn-Care Contractor or Landscaping Company can help with the variety of seed and the unique problems your lawn may face. As an illustration, in the Kansas City vicinity the same lawn can have strong sunlight and shade, requiring a blended grass-seed. Contact a landscaping supplier to find special suggestions and seed products.

To Overseed you will need these-


Seed Spreader (or spread by hand)




The raking will result in shallow scrapes in the dirt surface. Go over the lawn twice at perpendicular angles.

Dispense seed over the yard, being attentive to uncovered areas. Immediately after distributing the seed products, run the rake/verticutter over the entire lawn again to work the seed just under the soil.

The seed needs to be watered and made continuously moist for two weeks for the best maturation during germination. Use a sprinkler at least twice daily to ensure that it is kept moist.

These instructions ought to be carefully followed for optimum results. It’s always essential to supply precious time for root development in the first part of the growth season. The guidelines above should provide the Gardening tips you will need for a terrific yard.

Would you like to find out more regarding landscaping in Kansas City? Go on and look at some extra information on Kansas City landscaping contractors.

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