Make Your Unique Decorative Bird Feeder

by Gary Pearson

Homeowners look for nice items to use as garden ornaments. A decorative bird feeder would make a great garden ornament. There are different things that can be done to make a decorative bird feeder. Simply using paint or stain can certainly add to a wooden bird feeder.

There are plain wooden decorative bird feeders that you can get and work on. One thing you can do is to add some miniature shutters and windows, and some paint, and make it look like a replica of your home – this will ensure that your decorative bird feeder is unique.

Once you have decided to put up a decorative bird feeder, you have to put some thought into where you want to place it in your garden. A fairly common and reliable option is to put it up on a pole. But when you do, you have to find out how tall the pole has to be – if you think there might be squirrels or raccoons in or around your garden, you have to make sure that you don’t place your decorative bird feeder low enough for them to destroy it or close to any tree from which they can jump onto it.

If these animals are not a threat in your area, you could put a bird feeder anywhere in your garden as an ornament like on the patio, on a large window sill, hanging in a gazebo or hanging in a big tree. A decorative bird feeder would provide great conversation when sitting with visitors in the garden. Besides creating conversation for you and your guests, it will provide an area of interest for the many birds in the area.

You could always build your decorative bird feeder yourself, if you’re willing to put in the effort. There will be a lot of pictures that you can refer to, both online and in plenty of gardening magazines and books. With them as a starting point, you can give free rein to your imagination. Otherwise, you can find very pretty decorative bird feeders online or in your local gardening shops, which is an easier option.

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