Tree Trimming FAQs

When you own a home, tree care is just a normal part of maintaining your property. Many species of trees can tower over your home and actually pose a threat to your property and the people you love. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to feel unsure of when they need to contact a tree trimming service, however, or how often it’s really necessary. Here are some common questions to make this part of homeownership a little easier.

When should the trees on my property be trimmed?

Here are a couple factors that influence how often a tree should be trimmed:

Nearby power lines

Type of Tree

The age of the tree

Whether the tree is flowering or fruit bearing

The presence of dead limbs

Tree trimming all comes down to timing, because the buds on a flowering tree should be cleared off rapidly soon after the last bloom or the tree won’t flower the following year. Some species are also incredibly prone to disease during specific occasions of your year so they shouldn’t be trimmed at this time. A professional arborist can help you decide when your tree should really be trimmed so it really is a superb thought to at least get suggestions from a tree trimming specialist to understand extra about caring for the species on your lawn.

Is it essential to use a tree trimming service?

Sad to say, thousands of individuals are injured just about every year when they try to trim their own tree, generally with no even basic safety equipment and gear. This dangerous job should really normally be left to experts when the tree is taller than you and may lead to property harm or injury. A professional tree trimming service will do the job appropriate without having causing any damage and they’ll show up with safety gear and gear that suits the job, regardless of whether it’s trimming the tree away from a power line or removing dead branches so they do not fall on anything. They could also haul away massive pieces and perform the clean-up.

How do I find the best tree trimmer for my property?

You’ll find there are many people in who offer tree trimming services, although not all are really up to the task. A professional company will do the job right without injury or damage, whereas someone going door-to-door may show up with just a chainsaw and a ladder with no license or insurance. This can easily cost you thousands and put you on the hook for any injury liability! Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Always check that the company is licensed and ask for proof of current insurance.

Check other quotes from competitors. Always get the quote in writing!

If you are going to compare estimates, check meticulously to view which service they are going to include things like. The most affordable firm, for instance, might not get rid of the brush and even the large pieces, leaving this difficult task up to you. Get referrals and look up online evaluations of your business ahead of you employ them. Turn away any enterprise that shows up devoid of the suitable equipment and safety gear.

Checking reviews and referrals can be good, but in this day and age they can be faked so easily. Trust your gut.

Turn away any company that shows up without the proper equipment and safety gear.

If you live in the Seattle, Washington area we would love to help. Chosing the tree service company for your property can be daunting. Make sure to check out refrences, and trust your gut. We love our jobs and would love to chat about your trees and how we can help. Click here to contact us. Free Estimates!

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