Where Can I Order Discount Gerbera Daisies

by Isis K. Nouvelle

The are popular ornamental flowers. The genus Gerbera is comprised of about thirty wild species. They were discovered not that long ago – in 1884 in South Africa. They were bred in England during the latter 19th century in order to enhance their appearance, the range of colors available, and ultimately improve their commercial potential.

After that, gerbera daisies were more and more in demand because tourists took samples back home with them. Now they are among the most frequently purchased blossoms. Nowadays, these are bred for sale particularly in Holland and in Colombia. There are a great number of different varieties that have been developed which differ from one another in their sizes, forms, hues, and distinctive markings.

Gerbera daisies have sizable blossoms much like those of sunflowers. You can get them in a wide variety of shades which run from a simple white to a bold red. Because of their huge, striking blooms, they represent joy and high spirits. Therefore, these flowers are ideal to use in a gift basket or centerpiece, either to cheer someone up or to commemorate a special event.

The human meaning we give gerbera daisies is similar to the meaning we give to other daises. Daisies are time-honored symbols of beauty, purity, and innocence. The gerbera daisy symbolizes these human attributes too. But, because of its large flowering head and the wide assortment of colors, the gerbera daisy also symbolizes happiness and good cheer.

Gerbera daisies are a great gift for a long list of happy occasions from birthdays to weddings, or as gifts that are intended to raise someone elses spirits, such as get-well gifts, because of its wide variety of colors, styles, and different meanings. Gerbera are just as easily at home being a part of a large bunch of different cut flowers, or being alone as the only type of flower in a simple bouquet.

Just like a rose, you can give a single gerbera daisy all by itself, or as part of a larger assortment or gift package. No matter how you choose to bring sunshine and cheer to the lives of others, fresh cut gerbera daisies will be appreciated by anybody. You can purchase from your computer, or from your local flower shop today.

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