A Commercial Cleaning Guide To Clean Schools During Summer Months

Custodial workers are those people who are tasked to clean the school. These are the people who knows how busy and important it is to clean during the summer months. Even though there are almost no students around, there are lots of tasks that must be completed. Here are tips you can use to simplify the commercial cleaning process you are following.

The first thing you have to take into consideration is the place on which you will be carrying out your project. It is important that you write out the plan so that you do not forget anything important. For the plan, it is very important that you write in detail who will be assigned to a certain project as well as when it should be scheduled.

There are floor care specifics that must be addressed during this time as well. Remember that the floor is always the most beat up part of any building, considering how foot traffic can weather the floor. When you are focusing on the floor, you better divide t to areas that needs to be stripped, refinished, scrubbed, or other forms of floor care.

There is also a need for the closet maintenance. This is when you will be rummaging your janitorial closet to see if there are chemicals and other cleansing agents in there that have not been used for a period of six months or more. If you have them, then get rid of them properly. The chemicals must not be stored for more than a year.

Remember to go green. This is the social responsibility of the school. It will also be beneficial to the school if it transitions from chemical-based process to a green strategy. The summer months are definitely the best time to do the transition. If you do the transition, better go through special training for that.

The equipment should be cared for as well. You have to solve all of your equipment issues while it is still summer break. Evaluate all of those equipment that are being used in school. You have to identify the machines that are still properly running, those that only require maintenance, and those that should be replaced.

The equipment is not the only thing that needs evaluation. You should pay close attention to the furniture you have at the school as well. Look into their conditions. If they need to be properly repaired or if there needs to be a replacement, then you better flag them down. Do not risk the students’ or teachers’ safety by overlooking any problems.

There is also the cleaning protocol. You have to evaluate the protocol to ensure that it is efficient. You will also have to evaluate whether the said protocol is cost-effective or not. If it is not efficient nor cost-effective, then it is important to modify the protocol. To do the evaluations properly, use workloading programs for it.

Pay close attention to your lighting. You have to make sure to replace all of the conventional light bulbs you have around the school. Instead of the conventional light bulbs, you should make sure to replace it with low-voltage bulbs. Such bulbs use up less energy and they last for a long time.

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