A Description Of Post Frame Buildings South Carolina

Beginning about eighty years ago in the United States, a form of building construction was developed, known as post frame. It typically made use of wooden poles or logs set into the ground at regular intervals and topped by a roof. The post frame buildings South Carolina residents use today are built in a similar fashion, although there have been some changes in the materials. This type of structure is inexpensive, easy to build and has much open interior space. It is also easy to enter, even with larger equipment or vehicles.

Because the buildings were often constructed using the readily available materials on a farm or ranch, they tended to be low cost. The posts could be from standing timber from the tree lot on the property. These posts range in size from four-inch to as much as 12-inches. The larger they are, the more effort must be expended to put them in place. The posts are set in holes which are filled with gravel and the roof is often corrugated metal.

This type of structure is easy to erect. With pre-planning and preparation, a fairly sizable structure can be erected relatively quickly, especially if the materials are collected and prepared in the location where the building is to be erected. It helps if the site of the building is fairly level, so that the finished construction will be square.

The structure doesn’t depend upon interior walls in order to support the weight of the roof. Where the extra support is needed, it is usually just for extra wide widths. The roof structure is relatively low pitched. The roof is often corrugated metal sheets, such as aluminum or tin. The floor can be of dirt, or can be constructed of wood. Some buildings are set on poured concrete or asphalt slabs.

Generally, the walls are made of metal or wood affixed to the outside of the posts. Not all the structures have walls. Depending upon the purpose of the structure, there might be doors or simply openings in the walls.

Many of the structures do not require walls at all. They consist of a roof and the poles which support the roof. When there are no walls, it may be so that farm animals can use the space to protect from sun, rain, or other weather conditions. Open sided structures often are used to protect animal feed or livestock hay. Picnic shelters are usually open-sided.

These structures historically were utilized for mainly agricultural purposes. They can be suitable for other venues, as well. Simple cabins and even larger residential buildings are constructed using the basic design. Interior walls may be added, as well as insulating materials. The walls may be placed between the upright poles so that they show from the outside as a design feature.

Modern buildings in the style are found as commercial buildings, churches, indoor arenas and other structures. In today’s versions, the posts may be square rather than round. Simplicity and economy for storage purposes of all types are the distinguishing features. Putting garden equipment, automobiles and recreational vehicles under cover extends the life of the items.

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