A Look At Using Decorative Concrete For Resurfacing

With more and more people discovering just how durable and versatile decorative concrete is, it become increasingly popular in more recent times. Nowadays, companies that specialize in slate impression concrete can create designs that practically the same as many other popular types of flooring. The most basic variety of decorative concrete flooring is much the same as a regular concrete floor, other than the fact that color pigments are added to the concrete.

By adding a special pigment, or perhaps multiple pigments, it’s possible to have concrete in virtually any color imaginable. This is a particularly good option if you want to resurface your driveway and/or garden paths in order to make them more appealing, but have to watch your spending. Since this option essentially doesn’t involve and more labor or material than resurfacing with regular concrete, you’re basically only paying extra for the use of pigments.

Many home owners have walkways and driveways done in a color that matches the color scheme of their homes, while others prefer to have a color than blends well with their garden landscaping. Of course it’s also possible to have more than one color, so a great opportunity for those who like to mix and match.

Next step up on the decorative concrete ladder, you’ll find slate impression concrete, which of course also costs more. This has proved to be a real hit amongst people who have swimming pools. It’s likewise often the option of choice among the elderly and with people who want a relatively non-slip surface. This reduced slipping risk is of course the main reason why more and more people are choosing this option when it comes to resurfacing their pool areas.

Obviously, color pigments can also be added in order to achieved the desire color. This is how contractors are able to replicate other types of surfacing materials such as cobbles, decorative stone, and even regular floor tiles. The concrete is usually sealed in order to prevent discoloration and to prevent the growth of things like mould. Nonetheless, the sealing process does not result in a high gloss finish.

Those seeking maximum aesthetic value can choose to have an beautiful glossy finish, which many people call polished concrete. This is usually the option of choice when indoor areas need to be resurfaced. Once again, your contractors will be able to replicate virtually any other kind of surfacing material, including stones, timber, marble, decorative bricks, and etc.

These days it’s also possible to have kitchen work tops made from decorative concrete. There are however a couple of differences between a decorative concrete work top and a genuine marble work top. Concrete work tops are relatively inexpensive by comparison to marble, and concrete work tops don’t crack if they get struck with a heavy object. Decorative concrete has great aesthetic appeal, it’s affordable, and it can last a lifetime, so it hardly surprising that so many homeowners now even have their beds and etc made from it.

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