By Hiring An Expert Chimney Sweep Virginia Beach Home Owners Can Keep Enjoying Their Fireplace Comforts

On a cold day there is nothing that can match a cozy fireplace. It somehow signifies a welcome and a safe haven. Yet fireplaces need regular maintenance. Sot and creosote build up inside the flute and these substances are highly flammable. In addition, such a build up can cause a real fire hazard. Luckily, when looking for an efficient chimney sweep Virginia Beach home owners are able to hire some of the best contractors to be found.

When creosote builds up in the flute of a fireplace it creates a threat and it can actually cause a serious fire. It is possible, however, to prevent this. A build up occurs when the flute is too big for the fireplace or the stove. In such instances it is better to install a smaller flute. A poor draft can also contribute to excessive build up of creosote. In such cases the best remedy is to make smaller fires and to ensure a free flow of air.

Sweepers still use a rod and a brush to clean flutes. They approach their task in one of two ways. If possible, they will get up on the roof and do the job from the top down. This implies that the fireplace or stove must be sealed at the bottom. The very top is cleaned and as the sweeper progresses more and more rods are added to the brush.

In some cases it is impossible to access the roof. In such instances the sweeper will clean from the bottom up. This means that the fireplace or stove cannot be sealed at the bottom and the job is therefore much messier. A lot of soot and dust tumbles down and this necessitate the covering of carpets and the removal of curtains prior to the cleaning operation.

Chimney sweepers have to be careful health wise. They are prone to respiratory problems and their eyes are also at risk. It is therefore important to wear protective clothing at all times. Goggles and masks are most important. In addition, general safety should be a priority. Ladders should be sturdy and premises should be inspected before allowing workers on the roof.

This is not the type of job beloved by do it yourself enthusiasts. It is a messy business and inexperience can lead to damaged furniture, carpets and curtains. It is best to hire the services of a reputable and experienced contractor. They know how to limit the mess and they clean up after they are done. It is always a good idea to ask for references before appointing a contractor.

It is not a good idea to wait until problems occur, damage is noticed or, worst of all, a fire ensues before doing something about maintaining the flute. Maintenance and cleaning should be scheduled at least twice each year, regardless of how frequently the stove or fireplace is used. It is simply not worth the fire risk. It is also vital to use qualified and experienced maintenance contractors.

Not everybody has the luxury to be able to relax in front of a cozy fire on cold days. Somehow a fire signifies intimacy, luxury and closeness. The reality is that fireplaces can be dangerous, especially if they are not maintained. It is vital to hire a professional cleaner and to make sure that the flute has an adequate draft.

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