Custom Impressed Concrete Use In Home Decorating Becoming More Popular

When you are decorating the exterior areas of your home, you want to keep everything as simple as possible. The tradeoff in simple maintenance has long been the requirement of settling for dull, simplistic surfaces. For basic concrete areas, uninteresting is no longer a required part of the bargain. Customization is the route that many homeowners are now taking, relying on slate impression concrete designs to enhance areas of their property.

Easy to install in any position outside of the home, decorative concrete provides many options. Whether you need a new poolside area to wish to add some spice to your garden path, every home owner can find some quality use for this unique option of property improvement. The low cost of this decorative option is equaled only by how fast it can be installed.

slate impression concrete is a process where a solid sheet of concrete is installed over an area. The selected design is methodically impressed into the damp surface, creating the illusion of a more highly complex installation. This selection creates the false visual effect of a fancy layout of bricks without requiring the home owner to invest in the expensive upkeep needed by actual bricks. The worry over keeping lines straight during installation fades with the absence of gaps between bricks that require mortar. Since the area is a solid surface, a simple wash with a power sprayer eliminates all dirt and prevents weeds from growing.

The past couple of decades have seen dramatic improvements in the use of this decoration technique. Each batch of concrete can be custom colored to create realistic appearances of whatever surface is being mimicked. These colors are permanent, and have proven resistant to bleaching by the sun or other common sources of outdoor decoration. Restricted by only the creative capabilities of the designer, these projects have proven useful in many situations.

While the cement is still drying, the impression designs are introduced from patterned blocks. Whether you are searching for a special creation to give your property a unique feel, or you are simply seeking bold geometric patterns, the majority of companies offering this service are capable of creating custom stencils for your project. Custom designed stencils have few size limitations, meaning that a home owner could impress a single design over a massive area, or repeating patterns on a much smaller scale.

Companies normally keep a supply of favorite designs on hand for home owners to select from. Many of these patterns have decorated public locations for centuries, and will provide your home with that classic feel. Including these classic designs in your exterior decoration scheme, along with custom colors, can give your home a traditional appearance or a modern take on classic patterns.

Because decorative concrete is formed from a solid layer, maintaining the design impressed on it is simple. The decorative impressions can be kept clean with normal use of a standard broom. Rely on the standard household pressure washer to clean caked in dirt from the surface to restore the color brightness occasionally. The lack of mortar in these designs means that there is no place for weeds to take root in and the risk of the design warping is minimal.

Every day sees more home owners exploring the possibilities that decorated concrete slabs can offer for their landscape needs. Between the color and pattern combinations, and the wide use for concrete material around the home, using concrete to fill in these areas has never been easier to obscure.

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