Do It Yourself Oil Changes

When you have a car, you always have to be certain that it is running really smooth and is safe for anyone who is going to ride on it. Aside from safety, which as always has to be your priority, you too have to consider keeping your vehicle look and function great. The oil of the car is one thing that you need to check out every now and then. Oil changes Cedar Park can do it for you.

But, like any other person, it is always best to change it by yourself. Aside from you get to know personally the other things that need attention while changing, you can also save a hefty amount of money. Here are the things you have to remember to get started.

You first need to start draining the old substance that is in the engine. To do this conveniently and perfectly, you need to have a jack and some stands. You need those things to lift your automobile. Recheck if the park brake is on to avoid sudden movement of the car.

Get the oil warm by heating your vehicle a little bit. You only need at least two minutes of car idle to achieve the best warm feel of the oil. While your car is preparing to heat the oil, you have to prepare all the needed tools to save more time. If your manual is still with you, it would be great to check on it regularly to assure yourself that you are doing everything right.

You now have to remove the cap of the oil. You have to do that so the air can freely get into it and allow the liquid to freely flow out. This will make things even easier and faster for you.

You then have to locate the oil pan. You will know if you have the right one if you something which is a flat metal pan and is usually located near the engine of your automobile. There will be a plug on it. You have to remove it so the oil will start draining down.

Get a socket with a size fit for your car. This is used to loosen the plug. You have the option to use paper or a metal washer can to get all the excess oils coming out. The disadvantage of using the paper is that you will have to have many of it and replace it every now and then.

Wait for a few minutes. It takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes before the oil completely drains. While you are waiting, make use of the time to look for the filter. It is something that you have to replace after the draining process.

After everything, you are ready to fill the engine with new oil. You still need instruction list for this. Doing it the wrong way will cause the whole engine to malfunction which can cause accident when you use it. Always try to assess yourself if you can really do it. If you think you can not, then ask help.

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