Duramax 4X8 Sidemate A Quality Choice

What are the key features one should consider when looking for a quality storage shed for the backyard or garden? Securing your valuables like tools and gardening equipment would be a high priority for most people. Something that will provide such protection to keep thieves and vandals at bay would be important. It must have sufficient space to house all your storage needs. While this may all seem obvious to most folk, finding a shed that meets all your needs can be a more difficult than you think.

The vinyl shed is a modern solution to these age old problems of shed construction. Highly durable, cheap and capable of being mass produced, the vinyl shed is a popular option for storage, making appearances in yards everywhere. There are a lot of them on the market, with dozens of brands competing for attention. The Duramax Sidemade 4×8 Vinyl Shed is an offering by Duramax Building Products, a renown brand in other vinyl products, like fencing.

The Duramax sidemate 4×8 vinyl sheds popularity is mainly down to its versatility. This shed can be placed alongside any wall or boundary fence of your property and will complement any space. It is particularly useful where one has a narrow space to work with due to its slim profile. The vinyl panels on the sidemate shed ensure a complete weather proof structure that will stand up to all the elements. Vinyl sheds in general overcome the problems associated with wooden sheds as in they will not rot or metal sheds in that they will not rust. Duramax vinyl sheds are even fire retardant.

Offering some 190 cubic feet of storage space at 8ft long and 4ft wide, the Duramax 4×8 Sidemate vinyl shed is adequate for most home owners who need a modest storage shed for general storage. The extra height on one side with the lean-to roof gives an added advantage for taller items and this lean-to design will handle any amount of snow or rain water in the winter months due to its steel reinforced roof structure. Likewise the vinyl siding is reinforced with steel uprights that make it easy to fix shelves or other shed accessories all available from Duramax or an authorized dealer like “Storage Sheds Direct”.

The included foundation kit does wonders to simplify installation. It can be finished with plywood for basic construction, or is ideal for use with cement for those looking for a more secure and sturdy foundation. Having a solid foundation is essential for the quality of the entire shed. Where many cheap sheds compromise the integrity of the whole structure by lacking a quality foundation, the Duramax Sidemate definitely goes the distance to provide a sure foundation.

Another feature that makes the Sidemate vinyl shed so popular it the fact that you can place the door on either end of the building. This makes the shed universal in that it will suit any door opening situation that one requires front or back. At 30″ wide it provides substantial access for this size of shed for most home owners to get their gear in and out. The door comes with pre-hung hinges and the handles are also fitted with padlock eyes that allow for a standard padlock to secure your yard shed.

Overall, the Duramax Sidemate is a well constructed vinyl shed. It can be used in all climates, the hard vinyl walls provide ideal resistance to the elements and shielding from damages, the reinforced construction is sure to remain sturdy and uncompromising for long periods. Where other discount vinyl sheds compromise their quality and integrity, the Duramax Sidemate never falters in its quest to provide a high quality storage space. The result? An ideal storage solution for all types of goods, easily installed where ever it maybe needed.

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