During A Remodel; Here Are Two Ways To Put Money Back In Your Hands

There is somehow a stigma surrounding a 203K loan and yet I do not understand it. Why is there so much stress involved with them? They are literally so simple to implement. I just get so concerned when people get stressed or overly angry about a repair or a renovation that is to help their house become their home. I have compiled a huge list of many way to save money during a renovation. Here are the top Two Ways To Put Money Back In Your Hands!

* Be Involved with Your Community: Since you have decided to do a complete bathroom remodel you might want to contact the local Habitat for Humanity Chapter and offer for them to do the tear out for you. The organization gets to keep the fixtures, tub, sink, and possibly even the cabinets. And you, you get to save a ton of money on the demo and hauling off of the material.

The Habitat for Humanity can do a total gut of the bathroom or they can just take major items off your hands, at no cost to you. This not only keeps these items out of the landfills, it puts money in your pocket with that tax deductible receipt you get in exchange. This is only one of the Two Ways to Put Money Back in Your Pocket during a Remodel, but it is a very important one to remember.

* Make Friends in the Remodeling Business: Did you know that many building contractors offer a consultation class for much less than the actual project would ever cost you? And they will teach you how to do it yourself! Not only having fun, but learning a trade for later times as well. Finding a certified contractor willing to share his expertise for an hourly wage is often times the absolute best way to go.

There is a recent case I know of where a woman hired a consultant to show her how to put drywall up in a bedroom. She paid him $300 and he saved her over $1000 just by showing her and guiding her through it. Now that he has taught her, she will do the next project herself, saving more money!

This is only Two of the Thousands of Ways to Put Money Back in Your Hands during a Remodel. There are so many more tips and tricks that once you learn them all you will be a very frugal and sensible contractor yourself. Just remember to keep updated on the blog and newsletters that I put out on the subject. That will help you out tremendously.

Learn more about how to Put Money Back. Stop by Kristina Riggs’s site where you can find out all about hot to Put Money Back and what it can do for you.

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