Ewc Damper Motor An Essential Component In Zone Control Systems

Central heating and cooling systems found in most homes do not regulate the temperature evenly throughout, leaving some rooms too hot and other rooms too cold. The solution to this can be found with zone control systems, which allow separate areas to be set at different temperatures as required. Benefits of these systems include increased comfort in the home, cost savings and ease of use.

Zoning control in an ewc HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air con) system only requires a few basic components to function. These include a control panel, a transformer for powering the system, zone thermostats for independent temperature control, and automated zone dampers, which control air flow to the thermostats and are driven by an ewc damper motor.

In homes that are not zoned, a single thermostat is installed in a central location and controls the heating and cooling of the entire home with just one temperature setting. This differs to zoned systems, where multiple thermostats control each zone separately by opening or closing a damper as required, which forces hot or cold air only to where it is needed.

A home is divided into multiple heating zones, which improves efficiency and optimizes comfort. Each zone has its own thermostat, resulting in significant energy savings by controlling which zones are actively being heated or cooled, and which ones can be turned off when the area is unoccupied.

The standard home usually needs a minimum of two zones. The bedroom area will occupy one zone, while the living area will take up the second. There’s also the option of finer control with more zones, such as a separate zone for each of the kitchen, family room, and entertainment area. Double storey homes can be divided according to each level, as the upstairs area will usually have a different temperature than downstairs. In the same way, sparsely used rooms benefit from having their own zones to avoid using energy unnecessarily.

Ewc motors that drive the zone dampers are extremely long lasting, while the computerized central controller is precision, advanced technology and is specifically designed and built with reliability in mind. In addition, an ewc zone control system will work with all kinds of thermostats, and HVAC equipment. Very easy to install, these systems can even be retrofitted into an existing setup, further minimizing energy usage and the associated costs.

Zoning systems tend to be the most cost effective solution for temperature controlling a home. With such systems, hundreds of dollars in energy costs can be saved year after year. They enable personalized comfort for each zone, making it much more convenient than homes which use other types of heating and cooling systems where each area needs to be manually adjusted by the occupants.

The simplicity and energy efficiency of a home installed with an ewc zoning system will no longer suffer from cold cellars or overly warm attics. Even temperature control using directed air flow is the key to its popular design, and means a home can have true comfort all year round, without the expensive running costs.

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