Finding Mobility Products To Help Seniors Get Around

As people age, they are unable to be as active as they once were. Decreased range of motion makes it difficult to get around quickly but there are several mobility products on the market that can help with this problem. All of these items will allow someone to remain independent for a longer period of time. One of the most basic tools available is a standard walking cane. Canes come in a wide range of styles and sizes and are made out of many different materials. Individuals are advised to try different types of canes until a suitable one can be found.

Bathrooms are treacherous for people who cannot move well. Water spilled on the floor can be a hazard and there is often the danger of falling when entering and exiting a standard bathtub. Senior helpers designed for use in the bathroom will reduce the risk of serious injury. Installing hand railings and benches around the outside and inside the tub is an effective solution. With something sturdy to hold onto, most people will be able to step into and out of the tub safely. Doorknob grippers are senior products that will come in handy in any room. These items are simple to install and prevent the hand from slipping off the knob.

When a cane fails to offer enough support, alternative senior mobility aids may be used. A walker has a lightweight frame and must be lifted off the ground while moving forward. A rollator consists of a frame equipped with wheels. The user can just push the rollator along the floor. Some even have baskets attached so items may be moved from one place to another. The basket is helpful outside the house for carrying mail or shopping bags.

Other mobility products that you will find come in handy are for helping you do everyday tasks such as apply lotion and brush your hair. Limited mobility does not always mean you have trouble walking, but that your arms do not reach the way they once did. There are extra long handles you can get that makes these tasks easier. These make bathing and grooming yourself easier so you do not feel as if your arms are exhausted afterward.

Seniors can enjoy a better quality life with any of the various independent living aids currently available.

There are tons of senior mobility aids that you should look into.

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