Get Accurate Inspection Results With Bed Bug Dog Boston Handlers

With the resurgence of bedbugs, home and business premises owners need to put in place effective measures to eradicate these nasty pests. Proper extermination of bugs starts with the right technique in identifying the extent and scope of infestation. With help of bed bug dog Boston handlers, you can get accurate inspection results.

Although there are different techniques that can be used to identify bugs, the canines are believed to produce accurate and reliable results. Bugs will hide in areas such as the sofas, behind wall picture frames, in crevices, on wall joints, within headboards, in furniture, and within carpets. These pests are not easy to identify because they are active at night or in darkness when they tend to visit the host and suck blood.

While there are other methods which can be used to detect bugs such as visual inspection, they may not offer precise and accurate detection like the canines. The bedbug detection dogs can detect bugs within hidden areas. Using their olfactory scenting mechanism, they can even detect a single bug in a room.

An effective extermination of bedbugs starts with proper inspection. Although you can use different types of bug inspection techniques, the use of canines seems to produce effective results. Canines are properly trained to scent bugs even those hidden in areas that are not easily accessible. Since bugs tend to be active at night, it is not easy for you to detect them.

While these nasty pests can cause psychological problems and bites on people, on the other hand, when you are seeking for professionals to detect them in your premises, you need to be careful. Some dog handlers may not offer equally effective detection. This is because, if a canine is not trained properly, it is may trigger false alerts.

Moreover, you need to ensure that the handlers do not have interest in the extermination of bugs. If you have the same canine handler doing the extermination, there may be loopholes, which could lead to false results that cost you a lot of money. When bugs are not identified and exterminated properly, there may be re-infestations, which are even difficult to deal with.

In treatment of bedbugs, all the surfaces that have live bugs and eggs should be properly treated. There have been experiences where the dogs have failed to trigger an alert to the handlers even when the bugs are present. This may be caused by the kind of handler who is handling the dogs or the way in which the canines have been trained.

In addition, it takes a lot of time to go through all the rooms inspecting them. You may think that bedbugs infest only the dirty and low scale hotels, but the fact is that these pests can invade even the cleanest premises. They can be found in five star hotels as well as in clean homes. However, reducing clutters in homes can help minimize the infestations.

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