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A distinction is made between open arm awnings, with which the fabric roller is visibly attached (some with roof for weather protection), and closed or cassette folding arm awning, the roller tube and articulated arms (box, cassette) protect against the elements. Besides, these two main types of awnings New Jersey are intermediate solutions, the so-called sleeve canopy or cloth cassette canopies.

The cloth shaft is protected by a kind of aluminum sleeve, while the articulated arms are exposed under the sleeve. The canopy is driven either via a gearbox which is moved by a connecting rod or tube inserted into the shaft. In the latter case, wind, sun and even rain sensors can be integrated for secure and automatic operation. User control can also be realized wirelessly using Wi-Fi and smartphone.

Due to the curved shape they can absorb forces well and are therefore applicable even in places where there is high wind loads. In the some countries, this type of shade is still in high demand by consumers. The drop arm canopy uses a simple roll mechanism and is often used for privacy purposes in front of windows. The mesh is not entirely light-tight, although they serve as glare protection, they still let low light into the room.

Special rain canopies are designed so that they provide protection even at lower inclination (less than 15 degrees) for a safe and efficient drainage. With these models, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, particularly if a water pocket formation is excluded. Nearly all blinds can be fastened both to a wall and a ceiling (e. G, balcony).

The canopy fabric might be impaired because the seams would be heavily burdened with large inclination angles. The sun shelter can be operated electrically by means of a roller tubular motor or manually through the gearbox and crank. The case or vertical sun shelter is similar to the drop arm model, with the only difference that the cloth is guided by ropes or rods, vertically running down.

Ruffles sewn from fabric panels and/or with binding tape should not be washed in the washing machine, even if this is actually possible. The seams are destroyed and stain-resistant coating removed. With some water and a soft detergent to stains can brush off without damaging the wheel.

The special design also allows use as a privacy screen. It is similar because of its properties to a tarpaulin, but has a different purpose. The sail is attached to its vertices by hooks, as on walls, poles or specific to an anchor in the ground. Turnbuckles, wire ropes simplify constructions while tightening or removing the sail. There are also electrical or mechanical roll-up awning constructions. Solar sails are available in different shapes and colors.

A tension sun shelter has a sail guided by running hook and suspended from stainless steel cables. The solar panels are tensioned between two parallel stainless steel wires slightly displaced laterally. An oblique suspension of the sail (ropes stretched at different heights) also allows it to function as protection from rain. The sail can also be perpendicular to a stainless steel rope above.

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