Guide To Professional Pool Installation Oklahoma City Homeowners Will Find Helpful

The construction of a swimming pool on one’s property is a fairly sizable investment, so it’s important to ensure that it is installed in a professional manner that will provide years of enjoyment and few problems. When it comes to selecting just the right contraction for the pool installation Oklahoma City homeowners need to keep these important guidelines in mind.

People whom one knows who have had a pool installed recently are likely to recommend a company they were happy with, or a landscape architect may be another person who may have some suggestions. Customers should stop by the offices or showrooms of any companies they are considering and ask a representative for past customers they may contact as references to hear what these people have to say about the quality of work.

Some companies provide the labor and equipment through a second company which they have subcontracted, and some of these can also do a quality job, however it is generally thought that those which do their own work with their own supplies and machinery are a better choice because they have more say in how well and quickly things get done. The homeowner needs to pick three or four companies that seem like the best candidates, and then request a bid from each.

The quote presented by each prospective contractor needs to itemize all associated costs and identify what is and is not included in the proposed amount. Contractors should not pressure a customer to sign a contract, and this should be seen as a red flag if they do. The homeowner should be provided with a reasonable period of time to accept a bid, but not so long that the same offer may no longer be feasible.

It is necessary that a solid contract exist between the contractor and the customer. It needs to clearly state the price, terms, and labor that has been agreed upon by both parties. Customers need to be sure to “read the fine print” and clarify any uncertainties before signing it, and see to it that following points are covered.

There should be a construction “blueprint” for the pool attached to the contract that outlines basic information such as its dimensions, location, shape, and operational features. In the case of gunite swimming pools, it is not usually possible to meet exact size specification, so there should be a clause stating which percentage over or under the desired size is acceptable, and how this will affect the price.

It also needs to state a full description of all labor to be completed, and give starting and finishing dates. Materials used and equipment installed, complete with make and model information needs to be listed. Costs associated with preparation of the site and removal of debris should be noted, and conditions for possible suspension, arbitration, and termination must be covered too.

Finally, an organized payment schedule that sums up to the total cost, must be indicated in a manner that is clear to both parties. There also needs to be clauses which cover legal matters such as equipment and workmanship warranties, liability insurance, permit and zoning obligations, and lien releases.

If your home or office needs a pool installation Oklahoma City has a few companies to select from. We recommend that you check out this website at to see the gallery of our latest completed projects.

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