Ancient Egyptian Can Be A Modern Look

by John Bakers

Mention the phrase “Egyptian interior design” and the average person is likely to think, at best, of those ancient friezes of ancient Egyptians in profile. Or, at worst, they will think of Steve Martin performing “King Tut”. As corny as the song was, it piqueed interest in Eqyptian styles.

Ancient Egypt has always been a fascinating topic to many and its worth deeper study. When you consider that many of its interor design elements are still used today, you begin to have a new respect for the topic. Egyptian interior design is such a broad subject, it is possible to decorate your home in that style today and not be out of place. You may be going for Ancient Egypt, but you will achieve a modern look.

The style today is so simple yet elegant, it can be even found in businesses. Restaurants have Egyptian themed rooms and other businesses used Egyptian elements in their decor. Of course, it helps if Egyptian restaurants serve authentic food (it is delicious and increasingly popular), but as long as the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, the effect is the same.

One attraction of Egyptian style is its simplicity. It is never cluttered and uses decorative items minimally. It is also focused on earth tones, echoing the sands of the desert. In these respects it is very similar to Southwest decor and can be used seamlessly with it. A home office done in an Egyptian theme can create a serene place that helps you concentrate on the business at hand.

Egyptians valued the Nile River and you can incorporate the blue of its water as an element in your home. Blue is always restful, so try using it in your bedroom for a restful oasis. Or use it in your bathroom blending the blue with the waters of your tub. A palm tree in the corner can carry the effect further.

To get a feel for this style in your home, try it in a small space. Paint your bathroom’s walls in an earth tone and add the typical frieze at the top. It doesn’t have to be tacky, there are many stencil patterns and wallpaper borders that have an Egyptian feel to them. Use simple but rich Egyptian cotton in your linens and other fabric items. There is a reason it is considered a luxury item. It’s high thread count can’t be beat for softness.

Egyptian interior design may not be your first thought in decorating preferences but with a little thought you will easily see that it can create a restful oasis in your home or business. Go online or check interior design magazines to see how to use its simple elegance wherever you are. It’s truly a timeless classic.

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