Are lever Door locks good to use

My name is Benny,  I am the owner of SkyHi Locksmith Services in Colorado Springs, Co.  (719) 636-3777. Our services include Home, Commercial, Safes, and Car key lock Systems and Repair.

Lever Door Locks are an industry standard product and great for upgrading the first impression of a home or condo. Suitable for door repair, replacement and new installation on doors 1-3/4″ to 3-1/4″ thick with standard trims, these products have a 1″ throw stainless steel deadbolt. The anti-friction one-piece latch bolt is stainless steel and has a 3/4″ throw. finishes The Lever  series mortise lock is available in the trim finishes listed on our website. All knobs, lever handles, roses, escutcheons, cylinder collars and other exposed parts are fabricated of either brass, bronze, stainless steel or zinc and will be compatible with the finish ordered.

Lock System are your first line of defense when you are asleep. We always recommend a good brand of lock that is hard to pick or compromise. All of our locksmiths are trained and certified to install any lock system. But more important is choosing the right lock system for the application.

Double lock systems are always safer than one dead bolt. If you have a weak door this is another consideration. Also the door material is important. It may sound foolish but a lot of doors can be easily opened within seconds. Some doors are so poorly framed that a simple kick will open them. If you need an evaluation of your home or commercial property.

Finally you will enjoy the quality of our workmanship and the timely schedule we maintain to get the job done professionally and on time. Our pricing is effective and competitive. Call today

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