Crucial Facts About Improving The Look Of Your Home With Sash Windows

There are many aesthetic ways to improve the look and exterior design of a home. Sash windows are an energy efficient cost effective way to add a classic look to the outside of a home. A sash window is a design made of one or more panes that allows panels to move past each other by separating the various panes from one another. This unique design is different from others because it opens vertically instead of a horizontal opening.

The windows come in various forms depending on the homeowners style and taste. For example, it can include any number of frames within an individual pane. There are many different combinations available to customize the outside of a home. The construction of the frame is often composed of softwood which comes with various benefits.

The windows most often chosen to be customized are those in the front most portion of the home. This is usually the area facing the street, but various designs can be used on windows throughout the home.

Operating the window is easy. One frame moves up and down vertically to open and close the window, while the other sits stationary. To ensure safety, the window is locked from the inside with a hinge on the innermost pane. The mechanics of the window are hidden by the wooden frame that surrounds the pane.

Classic examples of window sashes can be found on Victorian and Georgian homes in the United States and UK. The traditional pattern is three panes across and two panes high on each sash. But homeowners have the option of straying from tradition and being creative with pane patterns. The number of panes also depends on the size and placement of the window.

Another benefit of this unique window style includes efficient cooling during warm weather. As a natural insulator, wooden frames are also more efficient energy savers than typical window materials. It adds a modern yet efficient alternative for window treatments.

Choosing a frame should not simply be based on the outer appearance, homeowners should also consider the climate in which the home resides. A damp environment has the potential to seriously damage the frame and lead to costly repairs. Be sure to consider all option before making any installations.

If you decide to go with a wooden frame, be sure to check the quality of the wood as this can make a huge difference in both the look and future costs for repairs. Paying a higher cost up front can lead to tremendous savings and energy efficiency.

There are an endless amount of benefits with wooden sashes, but it also comes with hazards of having wood like: rotting, natural shrinkage of wood that causes the window to rattle in high wind, and swelling or distortion. Choosing quality wood can help to minimize damages to help owners continue to reap benefits in the long run.

If looking for a complete yet subtle change to accent the outside of a home, sash windows are the perfect alternative for home improvement. The correct window treatment can not only save energy, but also add value to the home as well.

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