Dolls Nesting – Terrific New Products for Fun

by Chuck Stewart

The foundation of nesting dolls is widely known and the story of how the hand painted dolls spring into existence has been told numerous times. The hope of this article is to inspire some new artists with the ideas for a few great new products that hopefully they will bring to life. There has been a lot of work that has gone into the developmentof the ideas, let’s hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

Great television familes would make great doll sets. These are the familes that we all grew up with and hold a great place of nostalgia in our hearts. The Brady Bunch, starting with the kids from smallest to tallest and featuring Alice in addition to Mom and Dad would make a great selling set of nesting dolls. In addition to being a great honor, I think they would fly off the shelves and into living rooms across the globe. The next family to enshrine as a doll set would be the Partridge family. Rueben Kincaid, their business manager, should be included along with my all-time favorite TV mom, Shirley Jones. Beverly Hillbillies is a TV show most of us enjoyed when we were younger and they would make a great set when including Miss Hathaway and the banker.

I would then move to the greatest sports teams of all times. I would include a couple sets of Yankee teams with Babe Ruth, maybe another with the Boston Celtics when they were winning all those championships. Another set would be of the Big Red Machine, since many people in the Midwest would probably love that set and they are my favorite team of all-time. The Pittsburgh Steelers would also make a great doll set, tough guys as dolls kind of catches me off guard, however.

A hall of fame set is sure to be a great seller as any sport could have a set made to celebrate the inductees of that year. A set could be developed for every sport and they would be certain to sell well. Finally, a set could be devoted to people who are not in the hall of fame at this time but should likely be. People could use this as a way to cast a silent vote for their favorite players.

My next group to do would be custom to individual groups such as a team of corporate executives. This may sound a little corny but I think that many executive teams would buy a set made up of themselves, especially after they have had a good year. This last one may be pushing it a little bit, but I think there are lots of potential nesting doll sets that are not being done at the moment that could benefit the collectors and be fun for the people who are in the sets. Making fun of people could play out better, however. Complete sets of Enron executives looking goofy might sell very well, as would the doll set of several Wall Street firms at the moment.

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