Interior decoration and improvement using bamboo

by Adam Peters

My daughter and her friend had recently started working on the career of their choice. They have also moved very lately into the first house they owned. Both girls friendship dates back to the time when they were staying in dorms at college. Presently they are not in a position to decorate their apartment with the meagre income as they would have to repay student loans. Nevertheless, both are in possession of some basic fundamental furniture and some assortment for the dining and living area. The girls were specific to make their house one of its kind and categorically refused any old discarded pieces. Before they could have their parents for dinner, the girls wanted some more time to beautify their apartment.

It was probably after six weeks that they called us over for dinner. For the house warming present, I had purchased a bamboo basket in which I filled hand cream, hand towels and soap. I knew heart in hearts that she would simply love it. But the moment I gave the basket to her, she started smiling. Surprised that I was, I knew the reason only after I stepped into the living room where I saw numerous bamboo baskets decorated within the area. The girls had thought of using the baskets as they were purposeful and cheap. Both of them had also procured bamboo placemats for the dining table and grass mats for use as rugs.

The theme of my daughters’ bedroom was oriental, which was reflected in the way she had done it up. She had baskets made of bamboo that were large, in her closet to use as a hamper and to sort her laundry. She also had more baskets to be used for lampstands, which were shaped like vases and were about three feet in height. Towards creating a surface for an alarm clock and bedside lamp, she placed round piece of glass on top of the baskets.

Finally the bathroom remained to be beautified and brought up on par with the rest of the apartment. My daughter mentioned that since the linen closet is small, she had wanted to buy bamboo baskets to set the extra towels in, now she could do that with the basket that I gave her. Further more, the basket which I brought was of neutral color to fit into any color combination. Incidentally, it was the first decorative piece for the bathroom area which blended into the surroundings very easily.

Once when the repayment period of the loan is over, I am sure that with the money earned from her first career job my daughter will realize the excitement and ecstasy in beautifying her first own apartment. I also know that she will add to her decorative list as I am sure she possesses good taste.

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