Interior Design Of The Past And The Present

Understanding the world of interior design is interesting. The elements of visual texture, balance and cohesion, decorative ornaments, colour and space are simply a part of home designing. But do these concepts prove the argument that interior design is art? To clarify the issue, most scholars turn to the winding list of philosophical debates to analyse the authenticity of interior as a revered art form.

The concept of art has progressed over the years. The specifications and features of art masterpieces alter from time to time. Certainly, paintings found on the walls during the days of ancient Egypt are distinctly different from paintings during Europe’s Renaissance. Like the art of painting, the art of interior design has evolved so too over the years. A proof of this statement is the incessant evolution and revolution of home designs and home spaces.

Interior design, as a form of art, has survived a myriad of changes and alterations over the years. Whatever these changes may be, it cannot be denied that such art requires a huge amount of visual artistry and precise manipulation of colours and textures of home spaces.

During the early times, interior design is scrutinised based on its own merits. Whether or not the surrounding setting is beautiful is out of the question. What matters here is the artwork, and not the opinion of other individuals.

In today’s modern world, art and design are a collective idea. Evolving significantly over the years, interior design only necessitates elements that structure the universe of beauty. Even the churning collective opinion tells us the good behind lovely designs.

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