Make better use of closet accessories

by Adam Peters

I keep wondering on how to find some more space in my closet and how it could be different from the way I maintain it right now. Well, right now, I don’t really maintain it – its shabby and over crowded. This is mainly because I don’t find place for an extra pair of clothes and I keep saying to myself that I will fix the problem later. However, the game of procrastination used to go on and I never got to do anything positive about it. But now the time had come for me to take a good look at the closet and start fixing things else I would really go mad. Here is what my search of the available information on the Internet revealed.

There are simple and complex ways to make use of the space available inside a closet. The best way is to plan efficiently and maximize the available space in such a way to access anything that is required instantly without spending much time in searching. After all, convenience is the basic idea behind the creation of closets and the very purpose is destroyed if one spends most of the time in looking for things inside the closet. So how do we steer clear of this most confronted problem with closets?

One of the efficient ways is to add closet organizers to the level depending on the number of items of daily use required to be spotted and retrieved within the available timeframe. Closet accessories are properly designed to ensure organizing to fulfill the storage needs. These usually range from shelves that are the add-on variety to the drawers that are portable. Well-organized closets can save a lot of time especially if something is required urgently to avoid getting late to the place ventured upon.

Installing full spectrum lighting inside the closet will enable choosing the right item in an optimum time especially during the nights and invariably this aspect is overlooked considering its cost impact over the conventional fluorescent light bulb which has limited spectrum distribution resulting in picking out clothes hanging in the closet that look nice would have a completely different effect when it is worn out in natural sunlight. Alternatively providing a opening/closing-type skylight on top of the closet will also help but the position of the closet should be such that it is place directly under the room light so that even during the nights, the closet can get illumination.

There is yet another closet which enables easy walk-in and walk-out available. Subject to availability of sufficient space, one will do well to provide an ironing area within the closet when ironed clothes can be hung and can be taken out when required and kept back after use.

To conclude, planning ahead will enable managing the space in the closet to the maximum.

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