Roman Shades: Roman Holiday

by Fabian Toulouse

The mere term conjures images of a lithe Audrey Hepburn riding behind Gregory Peck as he smirks his way through Roman traffic. What are roman shades? Simply put, they are window coverings with evenly stacked panels that fold in upon themselves as the shades are raised. When they are lowered, they smoothly and quietly block the rays of the sun, effectively bringing relief to any warm room. Roman shades can be fashioned with a hobbled look, prominently displaying the single panels when the shades are dropped. The shades can be lowered and raised via a very simple cord system.

Roman shades can be made from a variety of materials, such as bamboo, wood, fabric and so forth. I personally prefer fabric shades, because of their smooth, soft appearance and how they accentuate my living room. They help create a warm, romantic ambiance, and at night the light flickering from my fireplace plays beautifully off my shades. I have found Roman shades provide effective insulation in the fall and winter. Deliberately insulated shades can help maintain a constant room temperature. Moreover, they can also absorb sound, making late night soirees and parties that much more private.

With regards to my bedroom, I chose a lighter color and lighter fabric shades. To match the predominance of blue dcor, I chose a baby blue set of shades to be custom made. This accentuates the predominantly dark furniture in the room and balances the room nicely. It should be noted that lighter colors always help create the illusion of a wider or more encompassing space.

I enjoy waking up, like Princess Ann, and basking in the glow of my bedroom. Indeed, snuggling in bed, whilst watching a morning screening of “Roman Holiday,” with my Roman shades opened, somehow sends me into something like a waking dream. Am I in California or Rome? Living with style and grace, as William Wyler caught on film, is a feat few can achieve and fewer still can appreciate.

Come to think of it, every room in your home should enjoy the beautification that Roman shades provide. The kitchen, for instance, is typically the most overlooked room in a house with regards to decor. For this room, I prefer the shabby chic look and floral Roman shades. Cooking is my passion (I cook every day) and I always have friends over for teatime or dinner, so my kitchen must always pass the sniff test when it comes to the dcor. Ah, the life of a decorative princess is a hard one – just ask Princess Ann.

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