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by Adam Peters

One of the hottest and most well-known designs these days is interior designing for couples. Men don’t indulge actively in the interior designing for their room and the resultant the room being more women oriented with attractive and beautiful designs in spite of the fact that these don’t have an appeal that matches to the football crew of Saturday afternoon. Designs of such types are good only in certain situations. These days, more men are interested to aid in deciding how would be the appeal of the home from inside.

Designing interiors for couples might put you into a hot seat in the war of sexes. Following the below tips would help in avoiding the disaster. Listen and communicate to both the parties their insight as to how they expect their dream room to be. Most of the times one party would be more dominating over the other when they have conversations and planning. Jot down all the points and give enough chance for the silent party also to express their views by posing questions. In this part of interior designing, you pay the role of a mediator. Consider both parties before you go ahead with the plan.

Make sure you include both the parties’ ideas when you start planning including those of the silent person. Don’t hesitate to finger things that are important for them. This way helps you in buffering any resentments or arguments which may come due to your interruption of a balanced or neutral thoughts or opinions. Incase you face any problems, do remind both of them that your insight is to create a room or space that is acceptable and pleasant for both of the parties and designing for couples cannot be so pleasant but, it is not tough to work within one’s purview so that the outcome makes everyone happy.

If you see specific situations for which you can find different ways to compromise them in order to make sure things fit into both parties expectations is the key. Pressurize on the point that a little take and little give is important while planning and discussing designs for couples and not all the time to reach to similar conclusion, if both compromise that would definitely create a comfortable environment for both of them.

Everything else fails; motivate both the parties while referencing to specific aspects of the other’s design ideas that these are nice ideas that go with other’s ideas. Dealing interior designs for couples a certain an attitude of he said, she said, is very much likely to come at some point and as a designer its your job to see things go smoothly and satisfying both the parties.

Furniture and color are the most common items that are not easily agreed upon by couples in interior designs. Explain the female party that her husband’s suggestion of leather sofa is interesting and can be comfortable and at the same time classic for any space. Suggest to the husband that the peach color that his wife is looking for is actually light beige. Miracles do happen with a little bit of convincing that’s done in a correct manner.

If both the parties are not ready to compromise, the designer might actually make the couple jot down their own wants and needs and compare each of one and also bargain that gives each of them an equal amount of no and yes which sounds childish!

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