Trends In Interior Design Singapore Homeowners Can Use

The interior design scene in Singapore today is heading into the path of sustainability, functionality, and technological savvy. For homeowners wanting to give their current space a new look, or else outfitting a new one, these emerging trends are worth bearing in mind.

The first trend covers eco-friendly home solutions. These include more eco-friendly components of any space, including the flooring, paint, and lighting. These days, environment-friendly substitutes are already commercially available, making it relatively easy for homeowners to take the leap to a lifestyle that’s more attune with environment conservation efforts. These may include going for LED lights, whose unit price is higher than the average bulb but whose power consumption is immensely lower. Similarly, homeowners can choose to install more and bigger windows which allow generous natural light during the day to save on power.

Heightened functionality is the second trend in Interior design Singapore is seeing nowadays. More and more people are crowding in the city for living space, which in turn is depleting by the day. The solution to this is a living space that, albeit small, contains cleverly designed space-saving options which homeowners can maximise. A bed with multiple drawers underneath for clothes as well as shoes comes to mind, as does a foldable dining table which is conveniently mounted on the wall so it is easy to stow it aside when not in use.

The third trend, on the other hand, centers on technology available these days. Singapore interior design companies are producing designs which focus on these technological creations, like widescreen TV sets. For example, a designer can install a swiveling wall mount for a TV set, and situate it between two common areas like the living and dining, and homeowners could simply swivel the television wherever they want.

These three major trends in interior design Singapore is seeing all bear witness to an increasingly sophisticated, more environment-friendly, as well as technologically attune taste of Singapore residents. The only thing that remains is to find which among Singapore interior design companies can perform the job well for a sustainable home.

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