Home Inspection Tools as well as their Benefits

Among the first things anyone thinking about becoming a home inspector will look at may be the tools and supplies needed. Being a home inspector requires a person to carry a wide range of tools and equipment. Probably the most important tools that an Inspector must carry is the moisture gauge.

Moisture meters are designed to measure the amount of moisture in wooden. This helps a Home Inspector find hidden damage in a variety of places, for example below window sills and about toilets. It can also help a good Inspector find hidden leaks beneath floors and roofs. Because of this, you can begin to understand why the moisture meter is one of the most significant tools an Inspector carries.

Obviously another important tool one must carry is a ladder. Some inspectors refuse to carry a ladder, merely stating they do not climb steps because they are dangerous. Its my estimation if you get an Inspector like that, you need to find another one. Any reputable Inspector will climb a ladder to get to the roof, ceiling as well as attic. Theres no excuse not have one. Its critical that your inspector look at the roof, ceiling and attic. Its part of their work, whether they want to do it or not.

If youre thinking about becoming an Inspector, then you definitely should plan on spending the largest part of your budget on Inspector equipment and tools. You cant do a good job without them. For example, a good moisture meter like the Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus will set you back a couple hundred bucks. And the prices go up from there!

Ladders are also not cheap. A Werner or Little Giant ladder can cost you as much as $400 or more. Before spending that kind of money on Inspector tools and equipment, it is important that you read as many customer feedback on the products to ensure you get one thats right for you. Theres no excuses in this day and age of buying something that you do not like.

Finally, be sure to take care of your equipment. Your moisture meter should always be kept in a case and fresh batteries added on a regular basis. You should also take the time to make certain it never gets drinking water or other liquids on it. Your ladder should be kept clean and a the moving parts oiled to ensure proper operation. A faulty operating ladder is not only a nuisance, but its also a possibility of a dangerous accident to happen!

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