How A Bed Bug Detection Boston Company Can Help

They are little but bedbugs can cause giant trouble. Apart from being a nuisance, they can cause health problems from the itch of their bites to more serious allergic reactions. They are also quite hard to completely eradicate once they infest. If you live in area that is infested, it is important to bring in a bed bug detection Boston company. They can confirm the presence of the irritating bugs before a place is teeming with them.

Bedbugs often make their way around via travelers. Even if they have been detected a hotel will not make it public knowledge. If you travel to an area that is known to be infested, be vigilant in hotels and guest houses. You may want to use bedbug spray in closets and drawers before putting your things away. As an extra measure, spray your suitcase and bags as well so they do not burrow in there for you to transport home.

In some cases, you do not need to wait for detectors to confirm whether there is an infestation or not. They tend to migrate from place to place so they will keep reproducing and eventually they will be in your home. A collective eradication effort is the best approach.

An evaluation will start in the bedroom where bedbugs are busiest at night. Using magnifying glasses and a special kind of light, the bed including the headboard, mattress box and nooks and crannies such as bed screws where they hide are scrutinized. The equipment is used to be able to see the eggs as well which cannot be seen with the naked eye. The carpets, sofas, curtains and storage areas are also checked.

Even if just a few bedbugs or eggs are detected, it is advisable to take eradication measures right away. The pests do reproduce and multiply at alarmingly high rate and in very short cycles. A few of them can become hundreds in a very short time.

Some pest assessment companies also carry out extermination work. They use pesticides that are made particularly to kill bedbugs. It is advisable to vacate a home for it to be fumigated. This avoids health problems such as from inhaling the pesticide fumes. The best pesticide is a spray which is best as it enters all the nooks and crannies.

In addition to what the exterminator does, it is necessary to take mechanical measures. Let a day or two pass after the fumigation and then thoroughly vacuum the mattresses. Take the curtains down for cleaning and work on the sofa upholstery too which is another place the bugs can hide. Do wipe down the headboard and the bed screws to remove dead bugs. Be thorough, lifting cushions and cleaning the sofa frame. When you are done, dispose of the vacuum bags carefully so that the bugs do not get a chance and re-infest.

Doing laundry, especially of bedclothes and sleeping clothes like pajamas and robes is also important as bedbugs love to bed in beds where they can easily access blood to suck on at night. Towels should be given the same treatment and these items should never be shared. Drying laundry outside in direct sunlight also helps to get rid of bedbugs compared to drying in an electric dryer. The first step is getting a bed bug detection Boston company in to ascertain whether you have an infestation or not.

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