How Bed Bug Detection Dog Boston Handlers Can Help Inspect Your Premises

Cases of bedbug infestations are on the rise after decades of disappearance of these pests. The resurgences of bedbugs in the recent times are creating a lot of fear among homeowners and business premises owners. However, with the right inspection and treatment methods, these pests can be eradicated. One way that proves to be effective is the use of bed bug detection dog Boston handlers to inspect premises.

The dogs use their olfactory scenting system, which enables them detect bugs hidden in the areas that are hard to reach. It is through the bites that you may realize there could be bugs in your home. Even the itches from the bites do not occur immediately. It may take some hours for some people while for others, it may take even days before they realize that they have been bitten by bugs.

Through the olfactory mechanism of canines, they are able to detect scent of a single bug from a room. The time taken by these canines is also less when compared to visual inspection. Professional inspection using visual methods to detect bugs can take a lot of time. If large premises have to be inspected, it may require several days for the procedure to be completed.

It is untypical for other insects like misquotes to show such kind of bite patterns. When the bugs bite and feed on your blood, they retreat to their hiding places. You can rarely see them during the day and at night, they will visit the host when is asleep. You can use different types of bug inspection such as visual inspection, mattress encasement, or canine detectors.

With the challenges presented by conventional methods of identifying bugs, many home and business premise owners are realizing the benefits of seeking the help of bedbug canine handlers. These professionals handle dogs that are trained to scent bugs. The dogs can easily and pretty quickly identity even a single bug with a room, something that may seem impossible with visual inspections.

Though the most cost common, it needs the help of highly specialized inspectors who are well trained to identify the telltale signs of bugs. Without the knowledge, it can be an ineffective procedure. Additionally, even the most experienced inspectors may find it challenging to identify bugs where there are only a handful of them in a room.

Imagine trying to look for one or two tiny bugs in one room using visual inspection. This can seem an impossible thing, and it is only by coincidence the inspectors may be able to detect the bugs. It may take a lot of time to eventually detect the few bugs. One thing that makes the detection of bugs difficult is their elusive and secretive nature.

In order to find out whether your home could be invaded by bugs, you can look for areas where these nasty insects tend to hide. You will find them in sofas, box spring, carpet edges, on wall cracks, inside joints, on furniture, inside electrical components like sockets, as well as on mattress seams and folds. In addition, you can also find them in headboards, behind wall papers, and on flaky paints.

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