How Hot Tub Maintenance Lincoln City Is Carried Out

A hot tub is one of the best ways to relax. However, owners face maintenance problems often. Hot tub maintenance Lincoln City OR does not require much skill. It requires knowledge of what to do and when to do it. There are various problems with hot tubs.

Excess contaminants or clogging of the filters cause the spa to become smelly. When there are excessive chlorine compounds, the water irritates the skin and produce strong fumes. The spa water may also be discolored due to excessive mineral content and corrosion of metal parts. Regular maintenance is the solution to avoid frequent repairs which are costly in the long run.

Maintenance tasks on a daily basis keep spa quality and condition the best. One of these daily tasks is checking the pH and sanitizer levels. A strip with a color code is used to check the water through dipping. Adding the right additive checks the levels of pH and sanitizer. When these levels are not checked, the water corrodes metals, irritates the skin and makes the spa cloudy and smelly.

Once a week you should add a sanitizer to the water. Sanitizers include chlorine or bromine which kill bacteria and prevent algal growth. A foam reducer can be poured into the spa on a weekly basis to reduce foaming. A de-scaler is added to reduce mineral build up if the area has high calcium or mineral content in Lincoln OR. The amount of these products added to the water should be in consideration of the levels present and that required.

Add a clarifier on a weekly basis to catch the little particles that a filter cannot catch. The spa line can be scrubbed often and debris collected from the edges. The main filters should be removed and cleaned a few times in a year. The tub should also be drained at least three times a year to maintain quality water in spa.

Remember to perform frequent inspections in the inside to take care of small problems before they turn into bigger ones. The spa cover is a source of problems and should be checked for wear or build up of gases under. The cover also may fade and crack under sunlight damage and use of products containing silicone oil.

Remember to be in the lookout for leaks or wet regions under the tub. In addition if there is failure to heat, filter or pump it should be noted. The cover should be cleaned weekly with a solution of chlorine and filters replaced often. It is recommended to oxidize every month using non chlorine shock. This it to get remove odor, body sweat and cosmetics. This improves the comfort and hygiene for the users.

Remember to buy those cleaning products that are customized for hot tubs only when shopping. Maintenance in Lincoln city, OR can be quite a process. It is best to ask a professional maintenance technician to maintain your tub. If maintained well, it continues to be a stress relief and provide relaxation for the family for a long time.

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