How Interior Designers Make Magic

Occasionally you can update the look of your home with a little paint and perhaps a new piece or two of furniture, but if you truly want to improve the look of your home, calling in a professional designer is the easiest way to really transform your spaces into something special. There are many types of projects where hiring an Orange County interior decorator is vitally important.

Styles and trends change as the years pass, but a timeless interior design will continue to look fantastic for years. A top designer is an expert at creating functional rooms that outlast the trends and make the most of your design dollar. Through the use of natural resources such as stone, brick or wood as well as natural fibers, you can achieve a more timeless finished product. Traditional hues of paint are another way to create a room that will look fantastic for years. Of course, you can add a few trendy splashes to a room, but the larger scale elements should be more classic.

Planned communities are quite common in Southern California, and while they provide us with lovely homes with great amenities, they do tend to be a bit pedestrian and lack an individual flair. Hiring a professional decorator is a fantastic way to transform your cookie-cutter tract home into something truly amazing and unique, while still complementing the architectural elements of your home and the look of the neighborhood.

The traditional home with the formal dining room and living room often doesn’t fit into what the modern Orange County family needs or wants. A designer can evaluate the spaces in your home and find ways to transform an unused room or space into something functional. So if you have a living room or dining room that’s collecting dust and is never used, consider asking your designer to change it into a recreation room, an office, a library or an art studio. Whatever space you need, a designer can make that space a reality while still keeping a positive flow from one room of your house to the next.

While you definitely would hire a designer to work inside your home, don’t forget to consider your trusted decorator when you design the exterior spaces. Interior designers also are great resources when it comes to designing outdoor rooms, such as an outdoor living room. They can do it all, from planning out furnishings to designing an outdoor kitchen. Our fantastic weather is reason enough to create a functional, beautiful outdoor room where you can entertain throughout the year.

In the end, the biggest reason why you need to hire a professional is to ensure that the result is truly what you want. Redesigning isn’t inexpensive, but an interior designer will create a perfect finished product that truly looks polished and professional. A professionally decorated home includes a cohesive, harmonious design that you will enjoy for years.

Vickie Daeley loves blogging and sharing her knowledge in interior design. To get further details about an Orange county interior designer or to discover a Yorba Linda Interior Designer, check out the Interior Affairs website now.

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