How to Choose Toddler Beds

When a toddler outgrows, or starts climbing out of their crib, parents can become concerned that the crib is no longer the safest sleeping area for their child. A toddler bed is a great option for transitioning the child from a crib to a “big kid” bed. Most toddler beds are compatible with the crib mattress so that an additional mattress purchase is not necessary. The old crib bedding can also still be used with the toddler bed making it easy for the parents to keep the same dcor if they choose.

Toddler beds are designed especially for toddlers. Toddlers can easily get on and off the bed without the fear of them hurting themselves due to these beds being lower to the ground than a typical twin size bed. The beds also have higher sides or small rails at the top half of the bed to keep the child from rolling off during the night.

Some baby cribs are made to specifically transition into a toddler bed when the child outgrows the crib. One side is removed on these cribs and the mattress is placed on the lowest position available. Most cribs that convert to a toddler bed also come with a smaller side rail that is then attached in place where the removable side was located. This is a great choice for parents because it saves money and also eliminates the need to find storage space for the crib. The child may also prefer this option because the bed is familiar to them.

There are many options when looking to buy a toddler bed. A wooden toddler bed is the most popular choice for most people. These toddler beds come in a variety of colors and shades of natural wood. Toddler beds made of metal are also a popular choice that come in a variety of basic colors. There are also toddler beds that are made of a combination of plastic and metal. Toddler beds come in a large assortment of styles including contemporary styles, basic and traditional styles, as well as sleigh bed designs.

Another toddler bed option is a themed bed. A great themed toddler bed for a little boy might be a bed designed to look like a fire truck, race car, or train. A little girl might enjoy a bed that is designed to look like a carriage or princess castle. Some little girls might also enjoy a pink race car bed. A themed bed is a fun way to get the child excited about transitioning to a new “big kid” bed. Another great way to get them excited is to allow them to help in deciding on the right bed for them.

In today’s market there are a variety of toddler beds available. Parents are sure to find a bed that both suits there taste and their child’s personality. Parents will also feel at ease knowing their child is in a safe bed while sleeping. A child can generally use a toddler bed until they reach 5 years of age or about 50 pounds or until they outgrow the bed in length.

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