How To Minimize Water Damage Orlando Experts Offer Tips

The following tips will help you minimize water damage Orlando experts are offering you their expert help. Acting quickly and knowing what to do can help you save belongings. You will also reduce your chances of mold forming. Even if you are unable to do everything, there may be a few things that you can take care of until help arrives.

If you are reading this before you actually have an emergency, take the time to learn where your water shut offs are located. This way if a pipe does break, you will quickly be able to turn them off. This can help you to prevent more serious damage and the loss of more of your belongings.

If you are safely able to get to the circuit breaker, flip the switch for the part of the house that is effected. You do not want to be walking around in the area with electricity still running to it. If you do not feel safe doing this, call in a professional. The old saying that it is better to be safe than sorry is of course true.

Remove books, photographs and furniture. Bring them outside if it is a sunny day. The sun will help dry things out. Spread books and photographs out on tables. Whether they are in boxes or albums, they need to be separated or you could end up with a stuck together mess. This is time consuming, but worth it if you can save your treasured photographs. It is a good idea to give this job to someone else to do while you work on the other steps.

Clean up everything you can using a wet vacuum. Remember that you will have to empty it frequently, do not make it too heavy. You do not want to injure yourself during cleanup. Keep vacuuming until you cannot get any more up.

Once you can no longer get more up with the vacuum, get some old towels or rags to clean up the rest. Do not forget to wipe down walls, shelves and other areas that are wet but up off the floor. Pull up and get rid of any carpeting and padding on the floor. You will have to replace this.

Open as many windows as you can. This will let dry fresh air inside. This will make the space dry out quicker and again prevent mold growth. Set up large fans in each doorway. This too will aid in the drying process. Keep the fans running for as long as it takes to finish the drying process. The more fresh air that you can get into the area the better.

One other than about water damage Orlando experts want you to know is the fact that rice and dryer sheets are both helpful. Place dryer sheets between pages in books to keep them from smelling old and moldy. Place small electronics into bags or bowls of rice. This will help to dry them. You will have to go through items one at a time to ensure that they can be saved. For example, some furniture may become warped, while others will be fine.

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