How To Recognize Good Quality Streak Free Cloths

When you put so much effort in cleaning, the last thing you want to see is that your cloth left streaks. You can spend so much money buying all types of chemicals, and still have streaks on your shiny surfaces. All this can be easily avoided if you use microfiber streak free cloths instead. So, no more chemicals, no more exhausting scrubbing, all you need is a simple little cloth, and there will be no streaks any more.

Microfiber fabrics are made using especially thin fibers, so thin that one hundred of them make a single hair. It means that they have less than one denier in diameter. For making cleaning fabrics, even thinner fibers are used, with diameters smaller than one half denier. It allows the production of highly durable, strong, but really lightweight materials.

High quality cleaning cloths are made using split fibers. This technology creates fabrics that contain additional free space for collecting and storing dirt inside. This way the cleaning is more effective. Further more, when this technology is used, this fabric becomes water absorbent. It means that it can be used for cleaning with water, unlike other similar materials.

When choosing your microfiber cloth, make sure it is made from split fibers. Lower quality products are soft and gentle on your palms, but won’t be very helpful in your household. Split fibers make fabric stuck on your palms, although it is still soft. It will stuck on every tiny irregularity on your skin, and it means it will successfully collect any tiny particle when you use it. You can also check if it can absorb water.

The secret of these amazingly effective cleaning fabrics is in their positively charged split fibers. Thanks to the fact that dust and dirt are negatively charged, this fabric will attract them and store all these tiny particles within until you simply rinse them of with clean water. These cloths collect the tiniest particles, leaving absolutely nothing behind. That is why all shiny surfaces are so perfectly clean when you use them.

If you add water, you can easily scrub off any dirt from different surfaces without using any chemicals. It makes cleaning so much easier. These amazing cleaning products are also perfectly green and environmentally friendly. Light and easy washable, they can remove all types of dirt from your stove, kitchen counter or your bathroom elements and walls.

These simple to use products have so many advantages. They can be used over and over again, thanks to their high durability. They are easy to maintain and can be machine washed, if needed. They absorb liquids and make cleaning so much easier. Perfectly hypoallergenic, they can be used on all imaginable surfaces. Besides, you don’t have to buy chemicals any more.

With only a few microfiber products it is so much easier to maintain your home. You don’t need to spend so much time cleaning, and you don’t need so many types of different chemical products. Just add some water, and everything will be streak free and impeccable. Remove dust and dirt, scrub off stubborn stains, all without endangering your health.

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