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Do you like the look of a house built of logs, but have a frame house that’s perfect in all other aspects? No problem! Investigate log home siding and turn your current house into the one of your dreams. And it’s not only about beauty, either. There are a lot of ways in which this form of exterior can be beneficial.

This kind of siding can be made from actual logs. If you’re interested in having a wooden exterior for your home, investigate the different kinds on the market. Treated white pine is used in many areas. Cedar, especially the Western Red Cedar, is used as well; this most durable of woods does not require rot and insect control treatment. It’s an interesting subject; just remember that a lot of information is actually advertising and do further research.

This is only one of the fascinating facts about using logs for house construction. There are all sorts of factors, like durability, insulation ratings, insect and weather resistance, and – of course – appearance. There are also maintenance Q&As that give even more information to help guide your choice of materials.

The fact is that a house built of logs can be either a cabin in the woods or a modern, spacious home with all the room anyone could need and any design features you want. When you’re investing in a new house or refurbishing an older one, you want to know that your investment will cover years of living. The fact that logs require less maintenance than other building materials is a definite plus.

If maintenance-free is your highest priority, you might want to consider one of the alternatives to real wood. They now make replica logs out of vinyl, steel, and concrete. These materials, which keep the look you want, mean that even the occasional re-staining is eliminated. Nothing outlasts steel, but concrete is also remarkably durable – and both materials are recyclable (for those who consider green options important.) Of course, the trees used in log-siding manufacturing are renewable resources as well as recyclable.

Online photo galleries are great places to see how people are using logs to create custom looks, refurbish older homes, or build fabulous new ones. You can use logs inside as well as out. Check out the different ways to join the logs at the corners of the building, or to trim around doors and windows.

Interactive websites can help you figure out costs ahead of time, while things are still in the dreaming phase. Specialists can be reached by email or phone to answer questions. The total cost in money and time is far less than with whole-log construction.

For many homeowners, the idea of using wood, steel, concrete, or vinyl sheathing to get the look, feel, and functionality of real logs will be entirely new. However, there’s a lot of information available and success stories from those already in the know.

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