Jet-Vac: Clear Any Drain

Clogged sewer or drain lines are problem for every residence or business at some point. Grease, hair and sludge build up over time and lead to obstructions that need to be dealt with. That’s where Jet Vac comes into play. Jet Vac is a wet or dry vacuum which is being used for a wide array of applications including valuable material reclamation and hazardous chemical spills. It’s becoming so useful that many companies are buying machines for themselves.

An Industrial Jet-Vac machine is a high powered wet and dry vacuum system which is ideal for major clean-up jobs like spills of chemicals or hazardous materials and also for reclaiming expensive liquids. Both small and large companies are realizing the value of Jet Vac technology for any scale cleanup job or to move valuable liquids or solids.

No longer are companies being plagued by recurring drain and sewer obstructions. With Jet Vac no clog is too tough and its capable of handing almost any requirement. With traditional methods the problem is just temporarily corrected but the underlying issues of grease or root blockages are not addressed. Using a very high pressure stream Jet Vac is capable of completely removing any stoppage from your entire drain or sewer line.

There are many areas in tough cleaning where the Jet Vac will surely be a hit. Hydro jetting is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many applications of the Jet vac. You can also find the Jet Vac being used in, but not limited to, Catalyst Handling, Mechanical Bolting and Water Treatment services. These uses of the Jet Vac can be seen used by large industries with their cleaning up of hazardous chemicals and spills.

In addition, Jet Vac technology is being used by various manufacturers to create large and small machines capable of many different tasks. Your local town likely uses a Jet Vac device to deal with sewer blockages or cleanup for any type. Despite its form its being used to blast away drain and sewer problems around the world and its popularity will only continue to rise. Traditional methods just don’t cut it anymore. Jet Vac is essential for any large scale plumbing company.

In addition to the extreme efficiency of Jet Vac technology to remove clogs, grease and sludge, it’s also being praised for it’s ability to reclaim costly materials like oil, lubricants, mud oil, and more. It’s also being used for dry applications like flour mills, chemical companies and refineries. In a very short amount of time Jet Vac can be used to vacuum up any wet or dry materials. More and more companies are investing as a result. It’s clear that Jet Vac is changing the way companies deal with any large scale cleanup application.

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