Marble And Metal Maintenance The Easy And Cheap Way

Most hotels and some restaurants have some of the most luxurious designs. Owners often make sure that they get all the best designs for their business. It adds up to the already five star rating of their business. One of the most famous material that they often get are ones with marbles and metals. Also, owners really have to maintain its new look. Marble and metal maintenance New York City can take care of that part.

Aside from availing the service of some companies, you may also try it on your own. You can spend lesser if you will try to do it your own. Here are the steps on how to successfully make your decorations look even better everyday.

There are marbles that are natural and some are cultured. This is something which you really need to know. There are different ways in cleaning them, so you really have to familiarize that one that you have. If you just do the maintenance the way you think is right, there might be something worse that would happen to it which will cost you a lot to fix.

Most of the time, stains are caused by spilled drinks and foods. They stick unto the surface easily especially when they are left uncleaned for long. You can use any cloth or sponge to wipe it right after the spillage so the stain would not stick. All you need would be a lukewarm water with soap then directly rub it into the affected area. Make sure that you completely rinse it after.

Then you can start polishing the marble. You must know that it easily scratches. Only use clean and dry mop. You may also use a dust mop before polishing to remove the dirt. Make sure to dry its surface completely using a clean cloth.

There is also a mixture which you can easily make. You only need a baking soda and water. For the baking soda, you will be needing only three tablespoons of it and a quarter of water. You only need just a thin layer to put on the surface then let it dry for 5 hours. But it is not accomplished yet. You still have to get a cloth and water to rinse it off.

On the other hand, a cultured marble is so much easier to clean and polish. It does not scratch easily at all since it has a coating which protects its surface. Although it does not get damaged that easy, it still needs the same amount of care as the natural one.

In removing the stains, you may use a brush which has nylon bristles. You also need a non abrasive household cleaner. Remove the stains by gently scrubbing its surface. You may use hard water vinegar in case there are stains that are hard to take off.

Cleaning marbles is not so hard after all. Although there are two different types, the way of cleaning them is just almost the same. Just make sure that you are going to inspect every inch of it every now and then.

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