Proper Way Of Cedar Shake Roof Installation

Proper cedar shake roof installation saves you money in the long run. Although this type of roof materials are costly to start with, it also can last from 15 to 40 years depending on the weather it is exposed to. If the location of the house is not prone to extreme weather conditions, then the maximum lifespan of the materials are used. These materials have long been proven to be durable which minimizes the event of leaks on the protective covering. Another benefit in using the cedar shingles are the rustic appearance which helps the house to blend with the natural surroundings.

The installation usually starts by placing tar paper over the cover area. Use taking nails to secure each end of the paper. The purpose of the paper is to protect the shingles from water damage. The proper arrangement of the shakes also promotes good air circulation and less potential for untimely damage due to the accumulation of moisture.

The shakes should be arranged in a straight in a row that starts from the lowest part of the cover all the way to the top. Position the zoster so that the thickest parts are on the side of the edge. The bottom or thinner part should be able to extend for at least 1.5 inches and should hang over the fascia.

Apply the normal process used in placing common materials when placing the flashing intended for the vent and the fireplace chimney. As with the common protective covering materials, there are also valleys on the shingles which are used if there are changes in profile direction of the roof. A flashing that is properly positioned should have an extension of not more than 15 inches from the center of the depression.

Use two nails to attach each shingle to the cover. The position of the first nail should be about a quarter foot from the thick point and about one inch from the cover edge. A half inch space should be left between all shakes arranged across a row. This is allocated for any form of swelling that cedar woods make when exposed to water.

Trim the ends of the final shake in a line. Use an appropriate tool for this purpose, taking care not to damage the shingles. Make sure that all the edges are even with no protruding material left. Do this by trimming all edges on each row. Continue placing all materials from the bottom until the top is covered completely.

To be sure that all placements are in the correct location and in a straight line, mark the space with a chalk line after the first row is secured and nailed in place. Use the nail marks made by the previous shingles as guide. Continue the markings up to the peak.

The gap allowance between zosters should be alternated in each row. This provides a design for the cover and adds beauty to the rustic appearance. It is also intended to add durability to the roof materials used.

Before the last line at the top is nailed in place, secure first the flashing at the top. The flashing protects the apex of the cover from awful weather and from water damage. Finish the cedar shake roof installation by nailing down the last row of shingles.

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