Some Facts About Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters nashville are a type of interior window covering which opens out from hinges through their adjustable louvers or slats. These types were once installed on windows without glasses to guard against extreme weather while still allowing for ventilation. Nowadays, they are most often opted by people who wish to maintain privacy while adjusting the amount of light accessing the room.

Shutters can come in many different styles. There are some that reach from floors to ceilings and these are often preferred by people who wish for a more dramatic ambiance. Other types are those which are simply set inside frames windows. There are also coverings which appear smaller and only cover the lower parts of windows.

Take note of the compositions of these window installments as well. Most popularly availed of by homeowners are the wooden types made from either basswood or hardwood. These types are those which can easily be painted over or stained for a more customized finish. Hardwood can come in more expensive although it is one which has the best finish. Basswood is most resistant to warping and also has wonderful grains as well as staining properties.

Vinyl shutter types are also available in the market. They cost a lot cheaper and they are also more durable compared to the other types. Consumers prefer these types because they are not prone to damage and are light on pockets. Homeowners who wish for the wooden shutter look may opt to get the composite types as well.

Plantation shutters are known to come with several components. These include tilt rods, louvers, frames, top and bottom rails. Tilt rods are often attached to the louvers. These move up or down when the louvers are being closed or opened. The louvers usually measure a minimum of two and a half inch in width, although this would still depend on what style they come in.

How you will be mounting the window coverings will also depend on how you want them to appear. You can mount the shutters either inside or outside your window frames. If you are running on a limited budget though, it is much more recommendable to do the mounting inside. This is because the procedure will not require you too many materials to use. Exterior mounting often needs an addition of three inches to the width as well as height of the coverings.

There are several factors which homeowners may need to account for when it comes to buying or making their own plantation shutters. One is location. It is important that this is determined in advance. Homeowners should pick spots where they think the window covers would look best. Relatively, they should determine the measurements necessary for the installments to fit in the desired spots.

DIY makers will have to take their time preparing the materials they need for the construction as well. It is recommended that straight-grained wood be bought for the shutter frames. Louvers can simply be made from lightweight wood. Other materials to secure are wooden control arms, hinges and plastic shutter pins.

You might need woodworking equipment for the construction as well. You can find this in wood shops. Make sure that you have block planes, table saws, drills and routers ready as well. Once you have finally assembled your plantation shutters nashville, paint them and leave them to dry.

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